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Sailor Moon Giveaway Results!

Hello everyone! We would like to take this time to thank everyone who took part in our 5th anniversary giveaway celebration! There were over 300 entries! We were surprised by the turn out. Thank you for sharing all of your comments about how you keep your love of Sailor Moon alive with us! In the… Read more »

Mid-October Raw Fun!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is going to be a fun one with some nifty additions to our massive raws section. Before I go on with the postings, I wanted to share that this Saturday will mark the 5th anniversary of Miss Dream! Yes, nearly 5 years ago, we opened the site and really took off!… Read more »

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer Translated!

Happy Wednesday everyone! It has certainly been an exciting day which saw the first trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal a few hours ago! In true Miss Dream fashion, you can now enjoy the Sailor Moon Crystal trailer translated! =D Direct Download | TorrentThis is a fun first look into the new anime, starting only next… Read more »