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General Sailor Moon / Fansubbing

Miss Dream Year In Review – 2013 – by Dan, 12/30/13
The Sera Myu Musical Project – by Elly, 07/23/13
Miss Dream’s 3rd Anniversary – by Elly, 10/18/12
The Other Works of Naoko Takeuchi – by Elly, 06/21/12
Professional Translation and the American Manga Industry – by Elly, 01/26/12
Miss Dream 2 Year Anniversary – PGSM + Transylvania no Mori – by James, 10/19/11
Thoughts on the Fan Community and Conflict Resolution – by Elly, 9/22/11
Celebration: Completion of the Manga Project! – by Elly, 7/22/11
Behind the Scenes: Creating Scanlations – by Elly, 7/18/11
Fan Translations and their Legal and Ethical Implications – by Elly, 7/11/11
Behind the Scenes: Creating Miss Dream – by Elly, 7/11/11

Articles Written for Lunacy Magazine

Volume 2: September 15th, 2012: Japanese Focus: Mizuno Ami
Volume 3: October 15th, 2012: Japanese Focus: Maboroshi no Ginzuishou
Volume 4: November 15th, 2012: Japanese Focus: Shitennou

Articles Written for Shojo Power

The Invisible Red Thread: Menstruation in Sailor Moon

Kodansha Sailor Moon Manga Error Reports

Sailor Moon Volume 1 Errors by Misty, 11/19/11
Sailor Moon Volume 2 Errors by Misty, 1/16/12
Sailor Moon Volume 3 Errors by Misty, 3/15/12
Sailor Moon Volume 4 Errors by Misty, 3/19/12
Sailor Moon Volume 5 Errors by Misty, 6/14/12
Sailor Moon Volume 6 Errors by Misty, 7/30/12
Sailor Moon Volume 7 Errors by Misty, 10/22/12
Sailor Moon Volume 8 Errors by Misty, 11/26/12
Sailor Moon Volume 9 Errors by Misty, 08/12/13
Sailor Moon Volume 10 Errors by Misty, 08/12/13
Sailor Moon Volume 11 Errors by Misty, 08/12/13
Sailor Moon Volume 12 Errors by Misty, 08/12/13
Sailor Moon Volume 13 (Short Stories 1) Errors by Misty, 11/04/13
Sailor Moon Volume 14 (Short Stories 2) Errors by Misty, 12/23/13
Codename: Sailor V Volume 1 Errors by Misty, 11/19/11
Codename: Sailor V Volume 2 Errors by Misty, 1/16/12

More Error Reports by Other Fans
A Second Chance for the Sailor Moon Manga – Sailor Hell’s Error Report Website
MoonKitty.net – Error Guides to Kodansha’s Sailor Moon

2 thoughts on “Editorials

  1. Elly,

    Thank you very much for your “Japanese Focus” series.

    Have you written your article for the January 2013 issue yet?

    Keep up the admirable work,

    • Not yet – I have been incredibly lazy this past month, but I’ll get it done this weekend. I never post up my sections until after Lunacy Magazine is online though, so you’ve got to wait in any case. Hope you’ll enjoy it when it’s released!

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