Miss Dream Garage Sale

Welcome to the third Miss Dream garage sale!

Payment is due at the time of purchase. I will not hold items. The default shipping method is USPS Media Mail.
I will not ship outside of the continental United States EXCEPT for large purchases (over $100+)

All items ship sealed in clean room ziploc bags which prevent page yellowing.

Bound Nakayoshi Phone Books – Rare Issues

These books are ones we have acquired and have no need to take apart for the site, so we are making them available to you! Most of these issues contain Sailor Moon chapters, many with the franchise featured on the cover!

Unbound Nakayoshi Phone Books – Rare Issues

These books have been taken apart for scanning on Miss Dream, but with a little Modge Podge and time they can be restored for shelf display or gentle reading. These issues are extremely rare; they took me over two years to find via Yahoo! Japan auctions through private sellers. I am reselling them at a 95% off discounted rate of what I paid. The Nakayoshi Deluxe series is especially difficult to find and features the early works of Naoko Takeuchi, much of which can not be found outside of these books (such as illustrations she did for furoku items early in her career, T-shirt designs featuring original mascots not seen in any of her manga works, etc.)

Guide to What’s For Sale:

Nakayoshi 1987 (early works of Naoko Takeuchi)
Nakayoshi Deluxe 1987 (early works of Naoko Takeuchi)
Nakayoshi Deluxe 1989 (early works of Naoko Takeuchi)
Nakayoshi 1990 (run of “Maria” by Naoko Takeuchi, also includes Goldfish Warning!)
Nakayoshi 1991 (The Cherry Project by Naoko Takeuchi, also includes “Miracle Girls!”)
Nakayoshi 1992 (Dark Kingdom arc of Sailor Moon)
Nakayoshi 2005/2006 (Toki Meca by Naoko Takeuchi)

…Want a more complete listing? Check this out! A database buying guide to the works of Naoko Takeuchi in Nakayoshi magazine. :)

All of these issues feature the works of incredibly famous manga artists. If you want to do a bulk purchase (more than 20 items) please contact me directly at [email protected], and we can work out a discounted rate. I’d love to see these issues go to a dedicated collector who will take good care of them. :)

Assorted Books and Magazines – Unbound

Assorted unbound books featuring Sailor Moon. Many of the Japanese magazines feature interviews with series creator Naoko Takeuchi, or with the cast of the 2013 musical “La Reconquista”. If you aren’t sure what an item contains, please feel free to comment below and I’ll be happy to explain!

18 Responses to “Miss Dream Garage Sale”

    • Elly

      To make space in my house. I have four huge boxes of the stuff, and no time to rebind it, so I figure I may as well sell it for cheap to people who will appreciate it :)

    • MarioKnight

      It’s moreso a description of the size of the books comparatively. However the Deluxe editions are special editions of the magazine that only printed for a short time!

      And yes, all of these magazines have been scanned. Many are posted online already, those that aren’t will be posted over the next few months. =)

  1. KaraS

    I wished you would ship to europe. There are few things I would loved to buy…Just havent enough money to buy over §100

  2. Annika

    Do by chance know about how much it would cost to ship to Michigan? I would love to take some these hands.

    • Elly

      I ship via USPS media mail, so it’s about $3 in shipping for the first issue and an additional $1.50 in shipping for each book you buy after that. :)
      I’d be happy to send you a quote if you email me a list of what you want to buy :)

  3. Annika

    I’d like to thank you for the lovely magazines I bought. I ordered from you twice now and have been greatly satisfied with the price, shipping, communication, and items themselves, which are being put to good use as fun Japanese study aids as well as being reported. Thank you again for the sale and this wonderful website. Don’t be surprised if I order again in the future. Have a lovely day~

    • Elly

      Annika – thank you for your kind words! I’m so glad you’re happy with the magazines you’ve been purchasing, and putting them to good use!! :)

  4. Wendy

    Hi again, I wanted to know if you have any Megumi Tachikawa manga books in the unbound for sale? Thank you!!! It also looks like you have a Run Run with Yui Ayumi? I think I will be buying that ASAP!

  5. lady lady

    hi is the pq angels complete set issue from september to december 1997 still available?


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