For those of you who weren’t awake at 6:30 AM EST to watch the event streaming live on Niconico, or for those of you who got kicked out of the room for not having a paid account…you can watch the full event via glorious cam-rip here:

The video quality isn’t great but it’s good enough if you haven’t already seen the event!

James and I are working today until 5 PM EST, but as soon as we get home we will be staying up all night to translate the entire hour and 30 minute long broadcast.

To hold you over, this morning on our Twitter account we did a live-blog of the event to translate some highlights from the event; including the news that…


The new anime will closely follow the original manga series, will be all-new animation, and will be produced by Toei Animation.
The original voice actors of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, Mitsuishi Kotono and Furuya Tooru will be resuming their roles for the new anime.
The group Momoiro Clover Z will be singing the new anime’s opening theme song, “Z Onna Sensou”, “Z Girls War”, as well as the ending theme. (I don’t know the title of the ending theme yet)

By the way: Yes, I will be releasing fansubbed episodes of the new series – or at least raws of the series immediately after the original air time. ^____^

See you guys tonight with more updates; until then, let’s discuss the event in the comments section together! :)

EDIT New stream video feed available via our YouTube channel!

EDIT 2: Want to download the Niconico stream you’re watching above? Okay! RIGHT-CLICK HERE AND “SAVE AS”


  1. >_>^ ^<_< There is literally no way to describe how awesome this is!!! I can't wait for summer 2013! Thanks you guys for the in-depth coverage of this broadcasting.

    • You’re welcome! I’m sure we’ll be updating lots over the next year with promo translations and all that since I’m sure there will be a MASSIVE PR blitz to stir up interest in the new anime series!

  2. Ohmygosh!!! I am bouncing off the walls right now! This is going to be fantastic!

    I was sorta hoping for a new manga because then we would not only get a new series but also an anime that would most likely follow it, but this is definitely great news. I hope the art style isn’t too different, but I am just so excited!

    Thank you for working so hard to upload this video, we really appreciate it!

  3. To jurirenee:
    Avi is a format that has been obsolete since the early 2000s. If I feel generous I may offer hardsubbed mp4s, but I feel like it is a better use of my time to focus on translating and people who need outdated formats can use handbrake to convert my files themselves.

  4. OH MY GOD
    this is literally the only anime news I have wanted ever since I read the manga and realized the anime was sorely lacking. This is amazing. I am so excited!

    • Because we had to go to work. We’ll release a translated copy of the video later tonight / early tomorrow. Please be patient.

  5. This is awesome news! Can’t wait to watch the video later when ya translate! I’m so glad they are bringing Sailor Moon back in the spot light. Very awesome I need to find out what channel it will be on!

  6. Please, can you sub this video in english? I be so happy if you do it.
    New Sailor moon episode is great. My sweet lord Jesus, thank you for this day.

  7. Oh wow. I think this just made my year.
    Now if only they’d announce a new Myu (preferably based off of the Dark Kingdom arc or Another Story) my life would be complete.

  8. OMG! this is the best thing that could happen! Is there another link to the video tho? I can’t see it :(! it says the limit of views has been reached or something :(! Anyway, I am so happy! YES!

    • Oh man, no idea why you’re getting that error, video is still loading fine for me…I’ll upload an alternate source for the raw video stream tonight when I get home. Sorry!

      • I’m getting that error as well, seems like the video got insanely popular in a very short time (not surprisingly ^_^).

        • Oy vey! All right, I am investigating alternate hosting sources for the video right now…hopefully y’all won’t have to wait too long!

          • Thank you! *0*!! I don’t know if you fixed, but I can see it now! OMG, thank you! thank you! ;_________;…

  9. Great… now my mom thinks I’m crazy (since I was running around screaming). ^_^;;; Great news, though I kinda figured it out beforehand, as there seems to be a trend of anime renewals lately…

  10. Oh yeah and put the translation on youtube (if that is ok with YT’s guidelines of course)… google downloads says your video is over its download limit **epic tears of sadness and despair**

    • Holy crap MK! You’re awesome! I originally got my SM season 1 and 2 fansubbed RAM files from your now-to-me-iconic MarioKnightBishoujoOnline (MKBO) site! How ya been?! ^.^

      To those of you asking “why isn’t it translated?!!” or “Why are there no subtitles??!?” and other such whinery. please trust and listen to Elly and James. They work like most of us here do, and they’ll get it up as soon as possible. They’re sacrificing a night of sleep out of love for it all, so please be patient.

      Elly and James: I work overnight, so when you guys release this event subbed, it’s gonna be a treat to come home to. ^.^

      • Ah, I miss MKBO, those were some fun times. ^_^ But various factors made it not needed for a period of time and when it was good to bring it back, others took the ball so I didn’t worry much. Here I am years later actually helping create fansubbed content and running the server (to the ground earlier XD ) so it’s all good. =D

        I’m just happy that I was finally to get some connectivity issues fixed today, which will allow for little to no issues going forward, a la corrupted files because the connection crapped out somewhere that wasn’t seen. I’m glad after over a month of that issue that it’s fixed in time for when the subbed video is ready for upload, and there should be possibly noticeable speed and performance increases! Overall, today has been a good day! ^___^ Save for the half hour I killed every site on the server. ^^;;;

  11. I can’t wait for the subs!! Thank you so much to all the Miss Dream staff! It’s so wonderful to know you’re there and working hard and donating your personal time for all us non-Japanese-speaking Moonies! Thank you for all you do! <3

  12. From what I’ve read of the announcement, it will be a worldwide simultaneous release. That means no need to do fansubbing–we may get a legal subtitled version on one of the US video streaming services after all.

    • You read that because I’m the one who translated that the simulcast will be world wide via my Twitter :)

      However, if there is enough demand we will sub the series ourselves, because we’re big nerds who love the series. ‘Nuf said. :)

    • I’m not terribly confident to the quality of said subtitles, then again I don’t think I would be satisfied unless Toei hired me to do the official subs =)

    • I seriously doubt it’s gonna be in my country… Well, I’ll eventually import it anyway once the discs are out… so I guess I could watch MD’s releases for a while.

  13. @Ariane IKR?! I wish it was releasing this fall or something, but for Sailor Moon 2k13 to be as epic as the original they should take their time.

    • I’d guess so… They’re starting it over to more closely follow the manga. Hopefully little is left out this time, like the parts of SuperS and StarS that didn’t make the cut at the time.

  14. Hi!!!! great work!!! but it is true that will be a new edition in color of the manga??? or it is just a rumor?

    Thanks for the translations!

  15. Amazing news. I had rather hoped one day someone would pick Sailor Moon up again with how anime these days often seem to follow the manga rather faithfully. To see the manga arcs animated would be awesome.
    Good luck in the time coming and many thanks for news update. I am just afraid of how much traffic will be pouring into your site for more news now will be.

    • No worries about the traffic, this server can more than handle this traffic influx. Save for when I personally disabled a key part of the server by accident, it’s handled everything very well. ^_^

  16. I’m screaming in the morning! hahaha LOL.. can’t wait!!!!! hope there will be codename sailor v too!! I LOVE SAILOR MOON!!!!!!!!

  17. Awesome work, Miss Dreamers! I wonder: Did they say, the new anime will follow the manga or “follow up on” the manga? Because, one snippet of your live-translation said, it will not be a remake but a new story. And they said, it will be geared to older fans. And Kotono and Toru will be in it. All that makes me think of whether they might be continuing the story into the gap between end of stars and 30th century Crystal Tokyo. Any confirmation anyone?

    • I’ll have a confirmation ready for you when our fansub is complete – if you’ve watched the raw, you can see how FAST the announcer dude talks. It’s break neck speed. Takes us a while to clearly understand it (and often times, the help of some of my Japanese co-workers). We’ll get you that confirmation ASAP! :)

  18. I’m sure there’s eventually going to be more announcements regarding the new anime. Will you keep an eye on the official sources to translate the relevant info once it’s posted? Considering the massive amount of rumors, it would definitely help to be able to keep up with it.

    • We will be doing the best we can to keep up with news and translating things as they happen. Right now the focus is finishing up the sub of the presentation which work will be continuing tomorrow. I anticipate we’ll be making a section dedicated to all the stuff going on once things calm down.

  19. Love you Elly, Love you James “voilà” I said it. What a beautiful family, the Sailor Moon family is … I finally be old enough to evolve with this new show ! I was a kid when the 1st anime came out, now Ill be ready 4 the new anime .. Thkx 4 sharing the commemoration and the hard work

  20. An update: Last night I worked from 6PM to mignight, translated and timed over 200 lines of dialogue and completed about a third of the total event.

    The bad news is I have to work until 5 today, but I will be working on the translation all night since I don’t have work on Sunday, I’ll do my best to get the translated version to you asap!

  21. Hopefully when you produce the script for this event, you will have a simple SRT format sub file with no overlapping sub times.
    And when you eventually get to producing subs of the new series, you will make hard subbed AVI (at least) or MP4 available.

    • We’ll be releasing the script as .ass, which you can easily convert to .srt yourself.

      Not sure what format the new anime subs we release will be in yet, but I can guarantee you we won’t be releasing .avi – that format is more than a decade out of date. If you want that format for yourself, I suggest downloading a program called “handbrake” so you can convert the files yourself.

      Cheers, and I hope you’ll enjoy our translations! :)

      • I disagree that AVI is “out of date.” There’s plenty of demand for video files in that format. I would rather have it hard subbed and done from the source rather than rely on one website I get on to convert them even though they do a decent job. Groups like Honobono, Kiteseekers, Doremi, SubDESU, and UTW still offer AVI. Why? Because people ask for it. Apparently not so out of date. Hardsubbed MP4 is an acceptable alternative.

        • You are welcome to use a program like handbrake to convert our releases into .avi yourself, but we will not be offering .avi as a standard format for any of our releases.

  22. Incredible! I wish Setsuna has a new move called “Time Advance” so that we can all time-travel to 2013 :)

    My concern, though: seeing that Saint Seiya Omega drastically differs from the original animation style Toei made fabulous in the 80′s and early 2000′s, I am worried that SM will undergo the same “artistic update” that Toei wants to attract the new crowd (kids born after the new millenium) rather than grannies like us.

    • @michirusan: I know what you mean but I’m kinda torn on the issue. On the one hand, the animation in Omega is so much better than in the original. On the other hand, I wish they stayed true to the old character designs. I like my characters with an actual NOSE, you know :)).

      But yes, I am horribly curious to see what happens to the character designs. HORRIBLY curious.

      • @Plume: really? I’m glad you like Omega because I have only seen the opening (OP) and the animation style didn’t interest me. It looked too…”cartoonish”. Surprised that you didn’t like the original art direction, Araki Shingo was one of the reasons Saint Seiya became so successful.

        Other things: new bgm? length of the series? Naoko’s involvement? There is just too much to think about. Man isn’t it cruel to make us wait a whole year. Now I wish I have never read this news :D

  23. No way. No fucking way. Oh my god. OMFG. I can’t believe this. Holy shit. D: I have no words. This is just. Too epic. I never ever EVER thought they’d do ANYTHING with Sailor Moon ever again. And a reboot of the story? Like, oh my god. Although if so, I hope they won’t just stop at the first manga arc. I’m dying to the Stars arc animated… o_o Either way, it’s awesome.

    Oh. My. God.


    • I would actually love to see the Stars arc re-animated and retold. The original 1996-1997 run was just bad. It is the lowest season I’d rank in terms of art direction, storytelling and even music.

      I doubt Toei is bold enough to reboot the entire series unless there’s a healthy sum of revenue rolling in (merchandise, international licensing, multi-billions of yen). It would still be impossible for SM to return to the sales figures that kept Toei and Naoko very busy and happy during the SMR, SMS seasons.

      • Aw, I didn’t think Stars was that bad. It was actually my favorite season, mostly because of the villains. Tbh, I just want to see Sailor Lethe/Mnemosyne, Heavy Metal Papillon etc. animated. xD

        And well, one could hope. If it’s based on the manga completely, the new anime will definitely not be very long (considering the length of the manga). I’m not even sure it’ll go past 12 episodes. Although I hope for a 24-26 episode anime, at least. Depends on how fast they will go, and how much of the material they end up using…

    • Huh? Manga again? Maybe they’re going to replicate the original Nakayoshi publications? because I can’t see it being reworked again like with the previous edition.

    • It also talks about the “Memorial DVD Collection”, which is… something character-focused. Hm…

      Gonna have to find 10-12 separate jobs this year in order to pay for all this stuff. >.<

  24. It’s really crazy! Just when you think there’s nothing else to come, they’re overwhelming the fans with a flood of great news. Thank you Naoko, thank you Toei Animation and thank you Miss Dream for being so awesome.

  25. Oh yeah James: if you’re going to be releasing these fansubbed eps as MP4s with hardsubs please make sure you’re not using any assinine nonstandard h.264 codecs, because I could be watching these new eps on my PS Vita, and at the time I’m writing this it can only play (and refuses to even copy any ofher format other than) MP4/ M4V files, as it does not have a VLC-like player as of yet.

    Thanks! :)

  26. Last sporadic comment. I promise haha. I just tried to play one of my old SM StarS MP4s and the Vita refused to copy over the MP4 of it. I think it has to do with the video profile or something? I HandBrake transcoded it to a more generic and standard MP4 format and my Vita gladly took it, copied it, and played it back with no issue. :)

    • Probably. With H.264 devices like that likely won’t accept video above level 3.1, though other issues possibly exist. Don’t know about other codecs.

  27. “The new anime will closely follow the original manga series”

    “The original voice actors of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, Mitsuishi Kotono and Furuya Tooru will be resuming their roles for the new anime.”

    “The group Momoiro Clover Z will be singing the new anime’s opening theme song, “Z Onna Sensou”, “Z Girls War”, as well as the ending theme. (I don’t know the title of the ending theme yet)”

    Question, has this stuff been confirmed? I know it’s another adaptation of the manga, that Moon’s seiyuu confirmed she’s returning on her blog and that Momoiro Clover Z is singing the opening theme, but I can’t seem to find confirmation on any of the other stuff.

  28. Wow, this some pretty cool news!

    I wonder if all the voice actresses will resume their roles? It’d be kinda weird to see Sailor Moon with different voice actresses, wouldn’t it?

    Anyway, I’ve always wondered if they would do something like this. I really want to see the Stars arc, with all the characters.

    Especially Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion.

  29. I can’t even summarize how happy this makes me. :D I grew up with that anime show on telly and it’s still my favorite. :)

  30. I’m not able to open the English subs on your youtube page…:-( I would love to know what they’re saying.

  31. i love sherena n i’m happy sailormoon is back..i’ll enjoyed for waiting this movie…thanks Naoko Takeuchi…i love u so much…

  32. So they will launch the new series in Japan only? Not the U.S? Will you be English dubbing the series on your website for those Sailor Moon fanatics who don’t speak Japanese???

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