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Here you can enjoy full English translations for Sailor Moon lyrics from then anime, Sera Myu musicals, the tokusatsu live action series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”, and more! All of our Sailor Moon lyrics pages feature kanji, or Japanese character lyrics, romanizations, along with their English meaning.

If you are looking for accurate Sailor Moon song lyrics translations, look no further! We offer the largest database of Sailor Moon lyrics on the internet. Our database for the Sera Myu musicals Sailor Moon lyrics is the most complete available online. All of our Sailor Moon lyrics pages are perfect for singing along to Sailor Moon music at home, and are an excellent resource for Sailor Moon karaoke parties!

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Sailor Moon Crystal Lyrics Lyrics from the New Anime of 2014
Sailor Moon Anime Lyrics Lyrics from the 1992 Sailor Moon Anime
Sera Myu Lyrics Lyrics from various Sera Myu musical performances
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Lyrics Lyrics from the series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Other Lyrics Other Lyrics related to the Sailor Moon meta series

Additionally, most of our pages feature information about the vocalist, composer, arranger, and lyricist for each song. This is a unique feature to Miss Dream, and our goal is to provide the most information about the music from Sailor Moon as possible. If you have any information regarding the production values of any song in this database which is not already listed, please feel free to leave a comment on this page to update us. We want to make this Sailor Moon lyrics database as complete as possible.

This site is intended to be used in parallel with, the biggest resource online for Sailor Moon music downloads. If you have any music requests for songs you’d like to see us translate, please drop us a line and let us know which lyrics you’d like to see added to our site! We love all Sailor Moon songs and are always open to translating more Sailor Moon lyrics.

Many thanks to EternalRuth for sharing scans from her personal collection of Sailor Moon CD lyric pamphlets with us; it is thanks to her that we are able to have most of the PGSM section and Sera Myu section online!

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