Sailor Moon on Portable Devices

After one of our visitors, Melissa contributed a set of .pdf versions of our manga releases for use on the iPad, we’ve had an influx of requests from of people who wanted to put our scanlations on their portable media devices. Therefore, our staff and some kind people have helped to put together this guide for setting up our media on various electronics. Just select the device you want instructions for below.

Please note: not all devices can handle playing both our video and print releases, and so some guides only cover one topic or the other. I am sure that there are many devices that I have not covered tutorials for, so if you would like to contribute a guide please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].

Guide List

Amazon Kindle
NOOK by Barnes and Noble by Plum
iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad
Nintendo DS
Literati (eReader)

7 Responses to “Sailor Moon on Portable Devices”

  1. Flerendra

    I was wondering if it would be possible to do this on a Nook E-ink (Simple Touch)? I only have 235 MB on it (with NO books on it), so I’m wondering if I’ll even be able to fit one volume of the manga on it…Plus, there’s the problem with the pages refreshing every 6 pages, which causes ghosting (which I’m sure all I need to do is update my Nook or something…I haven’t used it since 2011). So…do you guys think it will work on my Nook? (It does accept pdf’s.)

    • Elly

      Yes, I think you’ll be able to read our scanlations on your Nook, BUT, I don’t know if our .pdfs will work for you.
      Here is what I would do in your situation:

      1. download all the gallery images
      2. use photoshop and go to file > scripts > image processor, select the folder you have the downloads in, and resize the images to a smaller size.
      3. use cutepdf to convert all the smaller jpgs into .pdf format.

      Let me know if that helps you out!

      • Flerendra

        Ok, thanks you guys! ^^ (Sorry for the late response, but I don’t get email notifications or anything when someone responds to my comments…So I have to either keep this page up and refresh it a few times a day, or memorize where I posted the comment…) Mario, I’ll check that link out. ;P And if that doesn’t work, then I’ll try what Elly suggested. X3

  2. tama

    For Playbook:

    I like to follow the raw manga along on my playbook (thanks so much for offering the scans :D) and there’s a free native app on the Blackberry world called ColourComics.
    I like to have each chapter individually to read my own way so here’s what I do:

    I take each chapter from the raw volumes and name it like Smoon-01_02.cbz and then I transfer them from the computer over wireless IP address access into the Books folder on the Playbook.
    Then I follow along with the fan scanlations on another tablet and the paperback English release in my hands :D


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