Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Manga Scanlations

Miss Dream hosts a collection of translated Sailor Moon manga scanlations for download. By selecting the links below, you can view the galleries for each particular Sailor Moon manga scanlation by chapter or arc, as well as download .rar archive files. Our Sailor Moon manga scanlation releases have been converted into .pdf format for download and use on your eReader of choice.

Our Sailor Moon manga scanlation downloads are the best on the internet, made with high quality 600 DPI scans.

Sailor Moon Manga Scanlations Complete Series Downloads
[Miss Dream] Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Manga English Scanlation COMPLETE Download Pack (Acts 1-60 + Short Stories)torrent
[Miss Dream] Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Scanlation COMPLETE Download Pack IN PDF FORMAT (Acts 1-60 + Short Stories) – torrent
[Miss Dream] Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Chapter Break Illustrations
Download Sailor Moon Manga Scanlations by Manga Arc
Dark Kingdom
Black Moon
Download Sailor Moon Manga Scanlation Series by Book
Sailor Moon Volume 1
Sailor Moon Volume 2
Sailor Moon Volume 3
Sailor Moon Volume 4
Sailor Moon Volume 5
Sailor Moon Volume 6
Sailor Moon Volume 7
Sailor Moon Volume 8
Sailor Moon Volume 9
Sailor Moon Volume 10
Sailor Moon Volume 11
Sailor Moon Volume 12
Sailor Moon Short Stories 1
Sailor Moon Short Stories 2
Download or Read Sailor Moon Manga Scanlation Individual Chapters

Volume 1
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Act 4
Act 5
Act 6

Volume 2
Act 7
Act 8
Act 9
Act 10
Act 11

Volume 3
Act 12
Act 13
Act 14
Act 15
Act 16

Volume 4
Act 17
Act 18
Act 19
Act 20
Act 21

Volume 5
Act 22
Act 23
Act 24
Act 25
Act 26

Volume 6
Act 27
Act 28
Act 29
Act 30

Volume 7
Act 31
Act 32
Act 33
Act 34
Act 35

Volume 8
Act 36
Act 37
Act 38
Act 39

Volume 9
Act 40
Act 41
Act 42
Act 43
Act 44

Volume 10
Act 45
Act 46
Act 47
Act 48
Act 49

Volume 11
Act 50
Act 51
Act 52
Act 53
Act 54

Volume 12
Act 55
Act 56
Act 57
Act 58
Act 59
Act 60

Download or Read Sailor Moon Manga Scanlations Short Stories

Short Stories 1
Chibiusa’s Picture Diary #1
Chibiusa’s Picture Diary #2
Chibiusa’s Picture Diary #3
Chibiusa’s Picture Diary #4
The Melancholy of Makoto
Ami’s First Love
Rei and Minako’s Girls School Battle

Short Stories 2
Casablanca Memories
The Lover of Princess Kaguya
Parallel Sailor Moon
Materials Collection
Download eBook formats

Volume 1 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 2 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 3 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 4 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 5 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 6 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 7 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 8 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 9 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 10 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 11 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 12 cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 11
cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Volume 11
cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

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  1. Nina Rose

    Thank you so much for compiling the Sailor Moon manga like this, this is really awesome.

  2. Saiful

    I am so thankful for you effort and time for compiling all the Sailormoon manga. I appreciate it so much. You are the best! :)

  3. Kiddoe

    Your so awesome for like literally saving my life! I’ve been searching & searching for the complete compressed file for quite a while. Thanks for sharing this to the world!!!

  4. Shiranui Fio-chan

    “[Miss Dream] Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Manga English Scanlation COMPLETE Download Pack” is not working

  5. hotcrossbuns

    Chibiusa”s Picture Diary #1
    Chibiusa”s Picture Diary #2
    Chibiusa”s Picture Diary #3
    Chibiusa”s Picture Diary #4
    Ami”s First Love
    Rei and Minako”s Girls School Battle

    download links are broken and lead to a error page

    • MarioKnight

      I’ve just tested the download links on all of these pages and am not coming across any issue. Is it just these pages that are giving issues? Also, what browser are you using? I want to try to see if I can somehow recreate this issue. Thanks!

  6. Aiza

    All of Chibiusa’s Picture Diaries as well as Ami’s First Love and Rei and Minako’s Girl School Battle seem to have broken download links. The issue is that where is says:
    “download: gallery images”
    the links lead to: “[Miss Dream] Rei and Minako” instead of something like Rei and Minako.RAR. Same issue in the pdf version downloads. It’s a simple broken link (typo?) issue so it affects all browsers :)

    • MarioKnight

      That’s the weird thing. The links work fine for me in any browser I use to test. o.o; However, I think I finally know the possible reason behind this. Thank you for that copy and paste of the error, as it looks like the apostrophe is not being parsed correctly by some systems, as there is still more to the file name, in this case is [Miss Dream] Rei and Minako”s Girls School Battle.rar . It looks like the reported inconsistencies are limited to the files containing that symbol. I can have this fixed up in about 10 – 15 minutes. Thank you again for that copy and paste of the error, as it jump-started me seeing to why finally. =)

      • MarioKnight

        And my workaround has been applied, so hopefully those who had issues with these downloads can now download them. Please let me know if this is still not the case.

  7. Steph

    Hello, Im having a hard time getting volumes 11 and 12 to download. I click on the link to start the download and it just sits there and loads without doing anything. I don’t think it’s my internet because it’s pretty fast. Maybe the links are doing something funny?

    Just thought you should know.


    • Elly

      Hmm. I’m using Google Chrome, and when I click I instantly get the download popup dialogue box.
      Are you by chance using Firefox? For some reason that browser has been having lots of issues loading Miss Dream correctly.

      • Sailor Elsa

        they all have broken links. im sorry about that. but there ks nothing i can do about because i am 9 and i do not know how to edit a website that isnt yours because it is probably im possible without hacking and im not a hacker. so yeah…

    • Sailor Elsa

      there are files. but they all have broken links is what iv’e been hearing. so if your using an apple device like my iPad Retina Display just try downloading eBook formats and click epub.

    • Sailor Elsa

      im glad you like it! i love sailor moon too. it is the best anime i have ever seen. thank you missdream

  8. Yammi

    Thank you so much! I have been looking for these for like 1 month.I previously see the manga until the Dream arc when the manga at stopped.

      • Sailor Elsa

        Elly, I am using an iPad 2 Retina Display. how do i get a profile picture? by the way, I am glad everyone does not make themselves look like 4 year olds and use proper grammar. i wish youtube was that way with the comments section.

  9. Zant TP

    Yeeyy, now, I have all the acts in my phone!! (Btw, if someone happens to be using android 2.3 or something like that, i recommend using the app “Quick Pic”, the default gallery is just awful).
    Miss Dream thanks for all the work you put into this

  10. Mangic713

    Seriously, the people at Kodansha should have hired you for translation, or even paid you so they could use your translations. These are great.

  11. Karen

    I haven’t double checked the documents yet to verify they’re not combined, but in the PDF of 1-60, it appears that acts 6-9 are missing.

  12. G

    How am I able to retrieve this onto my Nook?? How am I able to view it from my Nook tablet? I go to the site from the tablet but downloading it only came in some cryptic file.

  13. Lauren

    Are there any plans to update these or translate the “complete” editions? Since changes and updates were made? Just curious. I have to say, I have enjoyed your translations much more than the English re-releases I purchased. xo

    Thanks for all that you do!

    • Elly

      I would love to release scanlations of the complete editions. I have the translations retouched for the first three books. I just need graphical designers to typeset and clean!

      • Lauren

        That’s so amazing! Like i said, I really enjoy your versions much more than Kodansha’s. I will definitely ask around! :)

  14. Atanax

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work! I was wondering though, would it be possible for you to have just a straight document of the translations available? As in, no scans, just a word document with the script in English?

  15. Maiya

    Um, I’m having a hard time downloading the PDF files to my Galaxy S3. There isn’t a error code, and it does start downloading, but it just keeps going back to zero. I had it downloaded before on my old galaxy S3, and I’m wondering if it’s because you only get 5 downloads per IP address. I only actually downloaded it twice. All the other times were me trying to get it to download it to my new phone. Is there a possibility of someone emailing me the files?

    • MarioKnight

      Due to recent restrictions by our network provider, downloads are even more limited than before. I am working on a solution with a very high chance of moving servers, but as of this typing I don’t know exactly when a solution will be in place. I would recommend using torrents for the time being, since this one is popular and usually had seeds.

  16. Chase

    Hello, Thanks for this so much :DD but one question, is this the english version of the manga? because it seems different to the japanese translated version..

    • Sailor Elsa

      i think it’s like a more japanese-like English translation. in japan, they don’t shelter their children. they let 10 year old cuss however they want to. however, it does have more American references. An example is how they said dollars at the game center. In japan, their money is called “Yen”. Hope this answered your question! . .

  17. Vilde Tomine

    I can’t seem to download anything but the four first mangas in the ”Download or eBook formats” section. :o
    I’ve tried both google chrome and firefox.

    • Anna

      What are you trying to download, exactly? All links on this page work for me, and as for the acts you must go to the individual page by clicking on it first.

    • MarioKnight

      Only the first four as of this typing are ready. This is a work-in-progress for those formats. Keep an eye on our front page or follow us on social media to know when the rest are ready! =)

  18. Anitten

    Just wanted to say a huuuge THANK YOU for sharing this with us, I know it’s a huge amount of work, so really thank you thank you, I’ve been a fan since I was a child and now I’m on my mid 20’s but was never able to read the complete mangas. You can’t really find quality material on south america heh, and there are versions all over the internet mistranslated or unorganized. This is an amazing collection ♥ Much love!

    • Anitten

      By the way! Does this collection have some “bonus” stories that the original print had? Or am I insane? I read somewhere that the original printings had bonus stories, or “part 1 – part 2″ of some acts

  19. Sailor Sedna

    Where are the eBook versions of Volumes 9-12? I’ve been saving the others to my iPad. Alas, the only ones I haven’t ever gotten to read are those for the Stars Arc. Was hoping to finally read those – without having to deal with the Kondasha versions.

    • Sailor Sedna

      Nevermind…I just checked your blog and realized this is an ongoing project. Looking forward to snagging the next four volumes as they’re uploaded in eBook format! :D

          • Sailor Sedna

            The epubs are all showing up as “zero bytes” when I try to download or open them. I have the PDFs on my computer but was hoping to read on my iPad – those haven’t loaded on the iPad either. :(

          • Sailor Elsa

            maybe you have too much occupied memory on your iPad. that is the only other thing i can think of.

      • Sailor Chica

        hey sedna im back i just changed usernames and i am starting to have a similar problem on my iPad where i try to get the individual acts. it says open in WPS office which is an app compatible with word for school work and when i click it it doesnt send me to the app like normal and i go to the app and nothing new is there… and while i still had eBooks i had the zero bytes thing. hopefully someone will see this and help us… o.o

  20. elif isabella

    hello :)
    I wanna say that I really appreciate your work and you have done a super wooper awesome job!! I have spend my childhood with sailor moon and wanted now to read the manga as I found your great site! but I have one concern about the title images in the beginning (the 2 pages ones) when I try to put them together on the computer the images don’t fit because in th emiddle a part is always missing. I wanted to see the images full and complete so badly, that is my one and only problem with the scans :( I wanted to do some wallpapers and stuff.

    have a nice day missdream! *peace*

    • Elly

      Hey there,

      The reason there’s a gap is because that’s where the original binding was when I took apart the pages for scanning. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get ‘perfect’ versions of these images outside of art books. I would check out – they might have what you’re looking for. Thanks for visiting, I hope you’ll come back again soon! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the manga!

  21. Heather

    The PDF for Volume 11 downloads for Volume 1. Can you fix, please and thank you! These are fantastic!

  22. Jess

    Thanks so much for this! I am having an issue when I try to download the ebook versions. I am interested in the mobi ones. It starts the download and then stops before its all done for every one. Do you have a torrent for all the ebook copies?

  23. Sailor⭐️

    I love the sailor moon manga and anime!Thank you for putting the whole Sailor Moon manga online so all Sailor Moon fans can read the manga!!! Arigato!(i think that’s how you spell it. lol)

    • MarioKnight

      As stated above, this is an ongoing project for those formats. Please keep an eye on the front page or follow us on social media to keep up with the updates to this as well as many other of our projects. =)

  24. Lolailoa

    Your work here is amazing, not only the scans and translation but all the formats and download options. Thank you! I hope the influx from the new series isn’t a burden on you.

  25. Anna

    I simply love what you all have done with the sailor moon manga! It’s nice to just come to this site and get to read all of them. Though, I was wondering if you all were going to make Short Stories 1 & 2 into the ebook format?

  26. tokkei12

    Thank you so much! Gonna marathon the manga pdfs pack before checking out the anime reboot ^.^

  27. Monica

    Thank you so very much!! I’m going to enjoy re-reading all this mangas so much!! I own the original Japanese ones but to get all the translations as mobi files is amazing!! Hugs!!!

  28. Summer

    Thank you so much for your scans, I really appreciate it! I just wanted to give you a heads up that the two short stories ebook pdf formats aren’t working. You’re awesomeeeeee!

  29. Sou

    Thank you so so so so much for your hard work !! It’s amazing !!
    I can finally read and re-read this classic !

  30. Ashley Lopez

    i absolutely love ur site u guys are just wonderful for letting us download this manga i been wanting it to read for ages and ages ! thanks u guys am very greatful :)

  31. munchkini

    ahhh! i adore you! thanks so much. i have been looking for a good complete SM release for ages. <3

  32. Runa Rothstein

    I am very happy that you took the time and effort of making these rebooted sailor moon manga into ebooks. it is so hard to find in online stores and b&n database doesn’t have these in ebook form. thank you so much

    • Anna

      Thank you SO much! They were a labor of love, and it took forever to get them working right. I’m glad you like them. And Yes the fact that no ebooks exist is one of the reasons I made them :D

  33. Lydie

    Hello, thank you so much for making these available. I cannot imagine how much hard work you’ve put into this! I’m especially grateful for the ebooks in PDF. Sailor Moon is one of my first memories from childhood (I was around 3 when the anime first aired), and watching the reboot had made me want to read the manga again. Sadly, I sold the ones I’d bought shortly before starting high school, so your scans are a life savior ^^. Greetings from France :)

  34. Andres Rodriguez

    Hello, I’m from Argentina and looking for the manga I found this amazing page! But I have a doubt, why you have 60 act in your download? So many fans told me the manga sailor moon have 52 acts… And this is from the re-edit from 2004 called “shinsōban”?. Any way, i just have that doubt. I’m downloading “[Miss Dream] Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Scanlation COMPLETE Download Pack IN PDF FORMAT” I can’t wait to have it an read it! PS: sorry for my english if it’s wrong hahaha. Waiting for your answer :D

  35. J

    Hello! I read the whole Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga from this website some months ago and now I tried to download the files but none of them are downloading :(

    Thanks for your amazing work!!!!

  36. CJ

    The new Sailor Moon Crystal series has inspired me to actually read the entire manga. You are amazing. Thank you for keeping Sailor Moon alive. :)

  37. Veronica

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was reading the manga online, but couldn’t get past act 39. When I was younger, I tried to collect all of the manga from Mixx magazine’s reprints in the late 90s. Those things used to fall apart like crazy! I also collected bits and pieces of the Infinity Arc from their magazine. I FINALLY have read up to the Dreams Arc, and I’m about to read Stars. This is such a wonderful website, and I’m glad Google sent me here.

    • Yorda

      Yeah, that happened too. I was reading it at, but they only had it to Act 39. Then, they started it over… with the English names (Serena instead of Usagi and the like), which really annoys me.

  38. Juan Antonio

    im having issues with downloading the books, it says service is unavaible and error 504, can someone explain me why is this happening?

  39. Denise

    I just wanted to take the time here to thank you for your scanlations for sailor moon. Your website is very well organized, and no to mention the scanlations itself. You’re amazing. Thank you so much!

  40. vanessa

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!! I have always wanted to read the sailor moon manga and now I can! I’m so happy!! I can’t even imagine how hard you had to work to get the translations so perfect.
    ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! If only you could do the anime. I try to watch it on youtube but it always freezes up and the quality isn’t that good.>:( anyways thank you so much again now I can fully become the sailor moon geek I’ve always wanted to be :3 Thanks again for the millionth time!

    • Yorda

      I found the subbed anime at They also have Sailor Moon Crystal. I don’t know if that site has it dubbed though.

  41. Alice

    You’re amazing! Thank you for all your hard work in scanlating and hosting this. The quality is top notch. I first got into Sailor Moon watching the DiC series in my early childhood years, then read the old Tokyopop manga years ago. The new Sailor Moon Crystal reboot has definitely made me feel nostalgic.. I’m so glad I found your website (thanks Google). Not sure how many people are looking for the original anime series, but animetosho has links to download the original 200 episodes at the moment. Thanks again!

  42. D

    Hello :) I usually don’t write comments on someone’s page but I did want to take the time like everybody else to thank you for your time and effort in putting all this together and making it happen. It’s absolutely amazing what you have done: the organization of the site, the quality of the scanlations, the accuracy of the translations, and so on. Sailor Moon is by far one of my favourite manga of all time from my childhood days and to be able to read it again like this brings back nostalgic memories and happiness again to me. Thank you again for your hard work! :)

  43. Rei

    Thank you so much for all of the work you put into this project!! I had purchased a majority of these books but ran out of money, now i can still finish the series!!! Thank you again!!!

  44. Andrew

    Thank you for these! Sailor V Volume 1’s PDF seems to have multiple pages missing, around chapter 4, with the same page repeating in its place over and over.

    • Anna

      You most likely have a corrupted copy, please redownload. The Site PDF has no repeated or missing pages on my end.

  45. BittersweetCupcakeQueen

    You are the most awesome person on this planet for doing this!☆ ~(‘▽^人)
    Thank you so much! I pressed the first link, it will take hours to download because I have a crappy internet connection but it’s ok. The first link means I’ll get the whole thing, right? The entire manga AND the short stories AND the extra stuff, right? Anyways thanks again! You rock!

  46. Ophelia

    Thank you very much! I’m so happy to be able to read sailor moon after all this year!You are great!


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