Codename: Sailor V raws!

Hello Miss Dreamers!

Monday Night Raws is back in the game, and we’ve got a new project! We’re going to be releasing raw scans of the first-print tankoubon of Codename: Sailor V, followed by the first-print run of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. We’ll be putting 3 volumes up each week, which makes for seven weeks of releases.

Without further delay, here are the three original volumes of Codename: Sailor V.

Codename: Sailor V

  1. Volume 1
  2. Volume 2
  3. Volume 3

Also of note, with our release of the original prints, we’re holding a contest! Those of you here last week may already know, but to jog your memory, I’ll say it here anyway.

The first person to locate and identify an Easter Egg in one of the releases over the next several weeks will win a full set of the Sailor Moon CCG:

Make sure you come back every Monday for your chance at this prize!

One final thing before you head off to download — an introduction. I’m Draconicsoul, and it’s very nice to ‘meet’ you. I was recently appointed to be in charge of Monday Night Raws, so you’ll see a bit more of me in the future. I’ve been working here as a graphical designer for about a year, and it’s nice to be on the front end.

Well, that’s all for today! See you all here next update!

14 Responses to “Codename: Sailor V raws!”

  1. sassypants678

    Awesome job on the update! So glad to have you running this section. I hope everyone will enjoy the latest raws downloads! :)

  2. Heather

    I tried opening volume 2 .rar but it said “Unexpected end of archive … The file is corrupt” so I re-downloaded it and tried again but I got the same message… =\

    • sassypants678

      Sorry about this – we’ve re-uploaded a new version and tested it with extraction, no problems this time. Give it a try again and let me know how it goes!

      • Miyuki-Moon

        I’ve been getting this message with all the softsubbed versions of the musicals, Eien Densetsu, Stars and Mugen. Even the mirrors, the musicals wont copy over but all the Omake/Service number stuff will.

        • sassypants678

          Hmm, let me look into this tonight. Fixing all the musicals will take considerably more time – when did you last download them? It’s possible it could have been during our recent server move or during down time which means the files themselves could have become corrupted during download.

      • sassypants678

        Looks like all files are working except Mugen Gakuen – over the next couple of days I will get to fixing that, we have to basically do everything over from scratch since we lost our original files. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  3. DoubleU

    OMG! Thanks for the scans! Can you take in consideration to do raws of the anime comics after you are done with the first print-run of PSSM?

  4. Laura

    I’m crying, I lost all my raws because my disk died and now I can’t download Sailor V Tankōbon and Shinsōban edition and Sailor moon Perfect Edition T_T I should have done more backups


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