Tuesday Night Raws

Our apologies for the late update this week! Work has been busy ~___~

Here are this week’s RAW additions — Volumes 13, 14, and 15 of the Tankoubon run of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon

  1. Volume 13
  2. Volume 14
  3. Volume 15

We also had a WINNER in our Easter Egg contest! Congratulations to NIXITY for locating and being the first to identify the autograph contained in our Volume 11 scans; the autograph belonged to voice actress Han Keiko, who was the voice of Luna in the Japanese anime.

I had the fortune to meet Ms. Han at Animazement 2009 and that is when I asked her to autograph volume 11, which is “The Lover of Princess Kaguya” story, focusing around Luna. :)

That’s all for today’s update! Check back next week for more RAW downloads! ^_^

6 Responses to “Tuesday Night Raws”

    • sassypants678

      Yeah! I lucked out! At the end of the Chika Sakamoto and Han Keiko panel (which I think I have a recording of in our video section) she did autographs. I’ve got one from each VA!

      • Nyxity

        Ooh! I’m so going to need to download that!

        Oh, and thanks again for the RAWS! I don’t know much about translating Japanese, but I’ve searched for information on the Character polls for a while only to find my best source would be from the original Japanese versions. ‘Getting them all listed for the fun of it. :P

        • sassypants678

          If you want any help with translating the character polls please let me know, and good luck! :)

    • sassypants678

      She was really nice! She’s very sweet and was shocked that James and I could talk to her in Japanese. She asked James a lot about his experiences in Tokyo and asked when we would be going back to visit. I guess she is also pretty close with Naoko Takeuchi herself so she was taking gifts from other fans to bring to her. Wish I had brought something!


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