LEAKED Sailormoon.co.jp Page + Translation!

Thanks to reader RZ, we were able to obtain an advanced copy of a page going up on Sailor Moon.channel.or.jp – the brand new COMMUNITY page!

english | JPN

In the near future, the “Sailor Moon Channel” page will be accepting fan notes of encouragement to Naoko Takeuchi to celebrate and congratulate her on 20 years of Sailor Moon. Sending pictures and fan art is HIGHLY encouraged, and it seems as though some submissions will be printed in some publications promoting the 20th year anniversary of the series!

Just wanted to post this up today since it’s new information – we’ll see you back here tomorrow for more animanga raws and PGSM! Have a great day!

19 Responses to “LEAKED Sailormoon.co.jp Page + Translation!”

    • sassypants678

      Brad please tell me you’re going to make one to submit!! I’d love to see you on the SM Channel!

      • Brad

        Will have to be in Japanese I guess. lol. Will get a Japanese friend to help me with my script. :) Might wait until I get a new computer tho. Want it good quality.

    • lynn

      They can close the page if they feel it’s annoying, ya know…

      The two submissions there made in 2011 – maybe the page was accessible from the main page at that time, but they deleted the link when felt that there are too many submissions or something.

  1. Moon Fairy

    That’s so cool! Thank you for that translation!

    I’d really like to put that picture on my blog. Would that be ok with you? Of course I’d credit you for the translation and put a link to your site. ^.~

  2. Anton

    wow, great news, thank you. :) But I have a question~
    How do you think they will respond to non-japanesse, as in english, fan messages?
    Do you think they will try to translate them or just ignore them all together?

    • sassypants678

      They’ll likely just ignore them altogether, I really doubt they have a translator / localization person on board for international support.


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