NicoNico 20th Anniversary Talk Show: Fansubbed!

In light of today’s tragedy, it was really hard for the staff at Miss Dream to carry on with the show and finish the following translation. But, it’s now finally done.

Downloads: direct | torrent

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For any other fansubbing groups out there looking to release this in another language, you are more than welcome to use our (right click and “save as”) .ass file; just credit us please. :)

Downloaders: If you would like to view this video in a format different than the one we have provided, I recommend the program Handbrake. It’s midnight EST as I’m writing this and I’ve gotta be up for work early tomorrow morning, so I don’t have the time to do a bunch of file conversions tonight.

We at Miss Dream are looking forward to releasing fansubs of next year’s upcoming anime release – we hope all of you new visitors will stick around as we finish off our PGSM project, share raws of neat Sailor Moon media, and release the complete other works by Naoko Takeuchi (creator of Sailor Moon). It’s been a blast getting to meet and know so many new Moonies!

With a heavy heart, I’m signing off for tonight. It’s a mixed feeling; so much sorrow over Lia’s death, and so much joy with the new anime announcement, and the completion of this fansub project which literally ate up the whole weekend.

As always, leave your comments below to discuss our latest release – I look forward to chatting up with you guys about the details of the show!

EDIT: Youtube has blocked our fansub, please download via one of the links above! :)

27 Responses to “NicoNico 20th Anniversary Talk Show: Fansubbed!”

  1. p-chan

    Many many thanks for your great effort! And my condolences for your tragic loss! This really is a mixed moment.

  2. Cyndi

    Hi, thank you for your hard work! And my condolences for Lia’s friends and family..

    I have one comment though, I don’t think 888888888 is said because it looks like clapping.. it’s a pun! 8 is hachi in Japanese. Clapping’s onomatopoeia is pachi-pachi.. So when 88888888 is written, hachi turns into pachi. Therefore it becomes the onomatopoeia for applause. I don’t know if you were simplifying it, to make it shorter, or not. But I just thought I’d inform you. :) Again, thank you so much!

    • sassypants678

      I think you are right about this – we didn’t even think that it was a pun! Thanks! :)

  3. Jessica

    asljdSDFD SOBBING. Yes. being able to understand what was going on bring so much more emotion to this now. omg…

    now, excuse me as i go refresh the heck out of the sailor moon channel.

  4. Miri

    Watching the opening sequence, with the members of the audience sitting there… HUGE amounts of nostalgia. A tear immediately sprang to my eyes. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  5. Luke

    Thank you SOOOOO much for translating this so quickly (it’s longer then an average movie :O), especially in this circumstances. I finally know what was exactly said on the event – the net is now full of fake info.

    I think I read in your Twitts that the new anime will be aimed to the original, older fans and will be strictly following the manga but it seems to me nothing like that was said during the event (especially the older audience part). Nevertheless it’s an amazing time to be a Sailormoon fan. I’ve been a moonie ever since the series first aired in Polish television (1995) and now knowing a new anime series is coming up (with henshin sequences in true HD glory) I really… cannot describe how happy I am.

  6. jurirenee

    congrats on subbing this so fast. you went through a roller coaster in just 1 week. your work is appreciated a lot, make no mistake, don’t tell yourself are doing the Sailor Moon internet community a fantastic service! Thank you so very much!

    • MarioKnight

      That is because this is soft-subbed, and needs am actual program to utilize the subs. Chrome just attempts to open any file by default, you’ll want to right click and save the file to your computer. We recommend using VLC Player, however there are different programs that work fine as well.

  7. Kay

    I’m so excited over this news. I’ve been watching Sailor Moon for over a decade now and I wasn’t expecting anything new to be added, not in a thousand years…and we got this! I am glad they’ll be keeping in some older elements while adding in newer ones as well, as times have changed. Thanks for subbing and thanks for your work, arigato!

  8. Krystal

    Thank you so much for your hard work! My heart goes out to all the staff members who suffered their losses.

    P.S. The torrent needs seeders! D:

  9. kenshinflyer

    Well, personally, I have a lot to thank Sailor Moon for [re-starting] my anime addiction, after being focused on a CNN article.

    Now, please try to extend these words of thanks to Naoko-san:

    “Thanks a lot, Naoko-san, for the gift of a beautiful superheroine that inspired lives, broke barriers all over the world (it once defied anti-Japanese sentiment in South Korea when KBS aired it), and created a sensation that stirred a revolution in the world of anime. Thanks also for the gift of Sailor Moon–one of three anime that reintroduced anime to the Filipino people.”

  10. Sam

    Thank you so much for subtitling this, Miss Dream! I have loved Sailor Moon since I was a little girl, and I’ve watched the anime over and over again. It never gets old, no matter how old I get! I find myself going back to it time and time again.

    I got goosebumps watching this, I really did. I feel like the biggest geek ever saying that! I just thought back to my 13 year old self and and my feelings watching the last episode and how much I really really wanted another series, it’s so lovely to see it finally happening even if I’m now 25!

    I’ve never read the manga all the way through, and I’m enjoying your translated version a lot. I couldn’t get around the different names in the official version, and your’s just reads better and makes more sense.

    So basically what I’m saying is, thank you thank you thank you! xx <3

  11. Brandi

    I have a mac. I downloaded Handbrake, then direct downloaded the video, then converted it to .mp4, and i still can’t play it with subtitles?

    • Nicole (aka serenity842003)

      I have the same problem. After I put it thru Handbrake the resulting .mp4 has no subtitles. It’s reassuring I’m not the only one with this problem.


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