PGSM Act 29


Act 29 now online! :D

direct download | torrent

Expect accelerated PGSM episode releases in the near future!

8 Responses to “PGSM Act 29”

  1. Blue

    When Minako is in the car at the beginning, why is there a weird Italian sentence in the sub?? O_O well… I’m Italian, but this is weird… I use VLC media player… does it translate some subs automatically?!? Never happen before, only that sentence O_O

    Anyway thanks for your awesome work :D

    • YnK

      Yeah, that’s odd… and definitely not your player’s work, it looks the same for me. O_O How did it end up like this?

    • sassypants678

      We use a script file for our timing that was originally from an Italian group. I’ll go back and fix this in the very near future – thank you for the heads up! :D


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