Happy New Year 2013 Raws: Nakayoshi December 2012

Hello Miss Dreamers! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and will also have fun ringing in the new year tonight! I apologize for the lack of an update last week, we had the plague (or flu if you want to refer to it that way) and were pretty much knocked out of commission. We’re finally making progress in recovering, and hope to have more stuff ready to put online soon! For now, we have the current December 2012 issue of Nakayoshi magazine. Think of it as an early gift for 2013. ;p I’m not too sure what I have on the plate for next week, but I’ve already started poking around to see what I can have up for then. Enjoy the New Year celebrations tonight and be safe!

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  1. cLm

    And also there’s that Punch scanlation, if someone haven’t seen it.
    Happy New Year! I’m in 2013 already XD

  2. p-chan

    Completely unrelated, but: HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you Miss Dreamers! And best wishes for 2013!

    • sassypants678

      Thank you, and Happy New Year to you as well! :D 2013 is going to be great, can’t wait to see the new anime!

  3. cendul

    Hi Guys,

    first of all happy new year although it is so late already..oh well, better than never…lol..hope u guys have a wonderful holiday…

    anyway I just stumbled upon this video on youtube and wonder if u guys can sub it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mqr1NaWOpr0

    you do not have to do it if u do not want to…I just thought that since there is not much of sailor moon related posts lately, maybe this video will do? I am sure you guys would love this video like I did…lol

    Anyway, let me know what you guys think…look forward to hear from you :)

      • SuperS

        I hope you can find a better video source though. The quality of that YouTube video is not that great.

        • MarioKnight

          If you know of where another can be found, sure. But for now, this is what we have to work with. We can reapply subs to a better quality video in the future when/if they become available.

          • cendul

            I agree with cLm…Thanks though for the link :)…Hugely appreciate it..

            sassypants678, MarioKnight, I think it will be better to sub these videos that cLm suggested instead because one of the videos is an ending credit…if it is possible, please merge all of these videos together, so the opening, content, and ending theme will be all in 1 video…if it is too much to ask, using the youtube video will be fine :)…just don’t forget to add the ending theme in the end, so it will look great..of course, it is up to you guys though…do what is convenient for all of you…no pressure…these are just suggestions..whatever u guys decide to do with the video and the English sub, I am sure it will be fabulous :)

          • sassypants678

            Hi Cendul,
            The videos cLm has linked to are all already translated; do you want us to drop this project?
            James has put together a translated version of the Youtube video which we’re going to share either way at this point.
            I don’t know that we’ll merge all those videos into one giant file, but I’ll ask James if he wants to do this since he’s our resident video translator / muxer. Stay tuned! At the very least we’ll be sharing that smaller clip with next Monday’s update.

          • cendul

            Hi sassypants678,

            Really? I only see the srt file for the intro video in cLm’s link…I do not see any subs for the other videos…could you give me the url where the other srt files are?

            If James doesn’t want to merge those clips, the youtube video or subbing each clip will be fine..I prefer those small clips in cLm’s link since their qualities are much better, but if James wants to use the youtube video instead, I am OK too :)

            Thanks sassypants678, I look forward to the English subs :)

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