PQ Angels Scanlation Continues!

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! Today, we continue our scanlation of PQ Angels with chapter 2 going online today! For our Monday Night Raws contribution, we are continuing the same two years of Nakayoshi that we have been posting the past couple of weeks. March 1996 is up featuring chapter 49 of Sailor Moon, and May 2001 is up today because it’s fun. =P

Today is also a very special day, as it is the one year anniversary of Deimos going online for hosting and more. While Miss Dream didn’t move to this server until a week or so later, the launch of this box certainly laid the groundwork for the massive expansion of this site. The move away from shared/VPS-hosting was certainly a needed one. Thanks to Deimos, we’ve been able to dedicate more resources while simultaneously making a significant change to the site software for much better performance. With the massive amount of space installed, it became possible to host many more downloads, especially when you consider the massive raws we have available. It also acts as a seed box, where nearly all of our torrents have active seeds (there’s some from prior to my addition to staff which I plan to remedy in the near future). This also allowed for us to greatly expand our gallery offerings, as instead of just having galleries of individual chapters of releases, everything -including the raws- has a gallery for easy viewing without requiring you to download.

For those who like fun stats, here’s a few gems in regards to how much we’ve grown in content.

Translation file size total: 51GB: 38GB fansubs, 13GB scanlations, 0.9GB doujin
Raws file size total: 211GB
Galleries file size total: 33GB

It should be noted that the raws and galleries totals are slightly inflated as there’s been work prepped but not currently online. We probably have enough raws backlogged to last the rest of the year, and we’re still trying to get more. @_@;; It’s been a great year, and I’m sure we will enjoy many years to come! ^___^

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