Cherry Project Scanlation Continues!

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! After being slightly snowed in, we’re able to continue the winter story of The Cherry Project this week, with the posting of Volume 2! It’s only appropriate to move along this story as winter progresses, and we should very likely be able to finish this while we’re in the season. Enjoy the continuation of this cute story!

For our Monday Night Raws offering, we’re going to take a break from Nakayoshi postings this week, and continue filling up slots of Tokyopop’s Chix Comix release of the individual Sailor Moon chapters from the 1990s. Starting to fill in the gap between the previous two postings, online today is volume 8 and volume 9. I promise we’ll eventually have these postings in order, we’re in the process of finishing the scanning and processing for these to be able to do so.

There has also been some various tweaks to the site recently well worth noting. The most reported issue has finally been fixed, with all direct downloads of Mixxzine issues no longer being corrupt. I apologize for the length of time this has taken, however as we were unable to locate the original files , we had to rescan these to recreate them.

Something you’ll also notice if you clicked that link is a bulk download torrent. Over the past couple of weeks, we have put together 5 bulk torrent packs for easier downloading. Outside of the aforementioned Mixxzine issues, bulk torrents are now available for Sailor Moon Japanese “Shinsouban” raws, Sailor Moon Japanese “Tankoubon” raws, the Sailor Moon Animanga Books by Nakayoshi, and the Tokyopop Pocket Comics release of Sailor Moon from over a decade ago. These bulk torrents should make downloading easier and more flexible for all y’all, enjoy!

That does it for this week. I actually have more translation postings queued up which is a nice change, so you can expect new translated material for at least the next few weeks, as well as continuously expanding our raws section. I also have amazing news in that after a long search, we were finally able to acquire the November 2005 issue of Nakayoshi magazine last night. With this, we will be able to complete Toki Meca! A very huge thank you to bunnycartoon who saw our plea and sold her copy to us! ^_^ Upon arrival, it will be scanned so we may resume work with this series! We are still on the hunt for the May 2006 issue, even though we have found raw scans decent enough to use for the final chapter, we would much rather scan ourselves. If anyone is willing to sell a copy of this or knows someone who is, please let us know. See you all next week!

6 Responses to “Cherry Project Scanlation Continues!”

    • sassypants678

      Awesome, I am glad to hear that! The Cherry Project is absolutely one of my favorite stories by Naoko Takeuchi, it’s awesome to hear that other people like it as well! :D

  1. Chica

    Whaa~ That’s awesome! Can’t wait to finally read the ending of Toki Meca. ^_^ And I really hope that Mermaid Panic is going to be one of the upcoming translations.

    Do you happen to know anything about Zettai Kore O Ubbatte Miseru? I don’t know if it’s a novel or a manga, but it seems to be one of Naoko’s works, or at least it’s featuring her drawings like Mermaid Panic.

    And is there a possibility that you would make the Sailor Moon live action series available via torrent?

    • sassypants678

      Hi Chica!

      Mermaid Panic and Zettai Kare wo Ubatte Miseru are both novels written by Marie Koizumi, with some sparse illustrations by Naoko Takeuchi.
      I have no plans to translate either at any point in the future, due to lack of personal interest.

      I will be making the PGSM live action available via torrent available very soon, our staff is working on creating “archival” versions of the episodes with perfect spelling, no timing errors, etc. Please be patient – it’s coming! :D

  2. SuperS

    The re-scanned Mixxzine issues 1-2, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6 and 2-1 that I downloaded via torrent are “unusual”. Some of the pages are yellow, some of them are blue and most of them are purple!! What happened? Are planning to re-scan them or is it too much trouble?


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