Nakayoshi 1996 Continues

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! This week is kind of a light week, especially compared to last week’s massive posting. However it’s still a fun week as we continue through Nakayoshi issues from 1996, containing chapters from the Stars arc of Sailor Moon. Issues from October and November are now online! That’s it for this week, come back next time as we finish off 1996 and maybe other stuff as well. Enjoy!

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  1. Nsassypants678

    Hey guys. What about the pgsm series? You announced months ago that you would offer a torrent download possibility and that there are some flaws in the subtiteling that you wanted to fix. I haven’t downloaded the series yet, because I wanted to wait for that update, so that I wouldn’t have to download the whole series again to get the few episodes that were fixed.

    Now are you going to fix something about it or is this the final version? And in case that you’re still planning that torrent thing, will there still be a chance to download single episodes? Will you tell us which of them got fixed?

    • sassypants678

      Please be patient. We have all of the corrections from our editor, which we have been spending weeks applying. We just finished doing that this Sunday. We are now working on making sure our karaoke script is working correctly for all episodes, and then we are re-encoding to ensure maximum compatibility with streaming services, in particular the PS3 Media Server.

      I will be including a changelog that lists all of the changes made to the finalized version, and in the torrent you will be able to select if you want to download all the episodes at once, or just one at a time. All of our direct downloads will be replaced with our finalized versions.


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