Hiatus Over! Nakayoshi Postings Continue

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! I apologize for the brief unannounced break. In order to be able to be ready for our garage sale, a high portion of my free time was devoted to scanning individual chapters from the issues that merited it (yes, this means manual scans of Naoko’s work will be on the way instead of the auto-feed versions you see now), while simultaneously prepping the sales page with sassypants678. This year’s sale has certainly been going a lot smoother than last year, however it is far from over. In case anyone missed it, last weekend we cut the prices of all remaining merchandise in half! Please buy this stuff, everything must go! We need room in our house, especially with another giant batch en route sometime to us next month. Own pieces of internet history! =D

As for new postings, we have two more Nakayoshi issues up today. First, we finally finish off 1996 with its December issue. The Stars arc comes closer to the end, along with other favorites from the 90s in this issue. Being the first update of the month, last month’s Nakayoshi is up with April 2013 going online!

That is all for this week. In the coming weeks, I will likely be expediting our Nakayoshi magazine postings, given the amount I have in queue and the ones previously mentioned that will just add to this. Work is still going on for the PGSM V2s. While I don’t have a solid ETA, I’m told the majority of this work is done, and then we can finally release a batch torrent that y’all have been requesting. Also in line will be a number of our releases in multiple different formats to make them more accessible. These have been done over the past few months by staff member Messenger Star, and I’m hoping I can catch up with what she’s done so her work can be part of the weekly update. As for newly translated material, work continues on Toki Meca, however I wouldn’t expect anything from that until later in the summer. Next week will be another bit of a surprise week, will be posting other things that were mentioned earlier this year. Enjoy today’s postings and we’ll see you next week!

And seriously, buy stuff from the garage sale. Please allow us to reclaim space in our house. ;_;

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