New Sailor Moon Musical Flyer + Nakayoshi

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! It certainly has been the exciting weekend, with the big news of a new Sailor Moon musical to come this September! Today, we have received our copy of the July 2013 edition of Nakayoshi magazine with another flyer of information!

JPN | full size ENG
It appears that the new Sailor Moon musical will be a relaunch, with the Dark Kingdom returning! For those interested in actually going to these performances, you can find information here on Nakayoshi’s website, as well as more details about the schedule, questions, contact info, and more here. On this page, you can actually pre-register for tickets. These are going fast, as of this post the last day of performances have already sold out!

For those of you unfamiliar with Nakayoshi and possibly coming here for the first time with this huge news, Nakayoshi magazine is a famous publication in Japan which has features shoujo manga for many decades. Sailor Moon is one of many series that was featured in this magazine. News relating to any franchises serialized in Nakayoshi is usually posted within the magazine as well.

We here at Miss Dream have been working on obtaining magazines that include chapters from Sailor Moon and other of Naoko Takeuchi’s work, which feature differences between the magazine and the eventual book releases.

Some months after the new anime announcement last year, we subscribed to the magazine to be able to bring scans such as above as soon as possible. We also post full issues of our collection for everyone’s enjoyment. While we do get the issues as they arrive, we post the full issues a month after the publication date on the first Monday of each month. Therefore today, the May 2013 issue is being posted!

Nakayoshi May 2013 download

We started doing recently what I call the Nakayoshi Rush. Previous to a couple weeks ago, we were only posting anywhere between 1 – 3 Nakayoshi issues a week. Well, when we saw how big our queue was and how many more we have on the way, we decided to really up our posting rate for our backlog to post 5 Nakayoshi each week no matter what, which will still have us covered until late August. The other four issues going online today all include different chapters of Sailor Moon, which are:

Nakayoshi April 1993
Nakayoshi April 1993
Nakayoshi July 1993
Nakayoshi July 1993
Nakayoshi August 1993
Nakayoshi August 1993
Nakayoshi September 1993
Nakayoshi Sept. 1993
Osabu Tweets Sailor Moon Merchandise
JPN | ENG @ full size
As we were finishing up this update, Osabu, an editor for Nakayoshi who has worked with Naoko Takeuchi, has posted some news on his Twitter account. We are his official translator for this account, with an account for these translated tweets. Today, he has posted an update to the Sailor Moon Channel site, announcing Sailor Moon cosmetics! You can see the official section of the Bandai site here!

That’s all we have this week. Next week, expect the Nakayoshi Rush to continue, and we will also post more news as we see it! Until then, follow us on Twitter for breaking news updates and more! Also, please considering donating to a fund to help staff member Jen bring her pet cat to the vet as he is getting really sick. Thank you, and see you next week!

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