Breaking: Sailor Moon Eyeliner, Gashapon, Apparel, and More!

Breaking news: Sailor Moon eyeliner, gashapon, apparel, and more! I’m pressed for time today, but here’s some breaking news from the August 2013 issue of Nakayoshi magazine, which goes on sale in Japan today:

courtesy of fyeahmomoclo

Momoiro Clover Z, the JPOP idol group who is confirmed to be performing the new Sailor Moon anime theme song, will be having a concert August 4th in which they will be making an announcement regarding the new Sailor Moon anime series. The flyer recaps Momoclo’s performance in Paris during the 20th anniversary Niconico Douga live stream event in which the new Sailor Moon anime was announced, and gives ticket information and concert schedule for Momoiro Clover Z’s upcoming tour.

courtesy of SM Obsession

This flyer confirms a few cool things. First, new merchandise. We will be receiving:

  • new Sailor Moon apparel
  • new Sailor Moon eyeliner
  • new Sailor Moon gashapon
  • new DVD box set
  • Plus, it says that the new merchandise is aimed towards young women in the 20s. Which we kind of already knew, but hey, an official confirmation is nice.

    There’s also some information about when the new anime series will premiere. It says that the series is officially in production, and will be scheduled to begin sometime between this November and January of 2014.

    Sounds pretty cool! My copy of Nakayoshi magazine for this announcement is here, so I’ll be making a more detailed post about this tonight. There’s some information about the release dates for the new Sailor Moon 20th anniversary figurines, as well as release dates for some of the previously announced new Sailor Moon merchandise like the Shining Moon Powder compact, the Nail Collection, the smart phone cases, etc. Nothing too revolutionary, everything that is new I’ve listed above.

    I’m especially eager to see the new Sailor Moon eyeliner and new Sailor Moon apparel that is referenced in the release schedule, but the gashapon are super adorable as well. I bet collectors are going to go nuts over that! :)

    Update: We were linked at ANN here as well as Crunchyroll here, thank you for this honor!

    13 Responses to “Breaking: Sailor Moon Eyeliner, Gashapon, Apparel, and More!”

    1. Ariel

      Just curious if the concert will be streamed online in any way and if so where would it be streamed?

      • M

        Last I heard, crunchyroll was set to stream it and still have the rights to do so. There have also been rumors going around (said at panel conventions) about Funimation buying the rights to dub it.

      • Kapparin

        There’s no word on that, but I can pretty much assure you it won’t be streamed. I’m going to the concert itself (have had the tickets from before this was announced) and as a MomoClo fan know that they have never streamed a concert before. It’s not normal in Japan to do such a thing, although Hello!Project and AKB48 have occasionally done something like that. Not to mention, they have 77,000 seats to fill up in the stadium (biggest venue in Japan, so the concert’s kinda a huge deal) so it wouldn’t really make sense financially to stream it online for free, but. If you’re lucky, maybe! I just doubt it.

    2. Ruby

      Thanks for posting! :D I can’t wait for the new anime to start, & for all the new merchandise to be released..! :O Do you know what sites will be releasing the new merch? Id love to own those new gashapons, they’re so cute!

      • Mike *Yes THAT Mike*

        NO this is not a troll post *though i am using a dummy Email so if you wanna flood me for an opinion go ahead i only replied too you because i KNOW you*

        more too the point my opinion on the subject at hand i honestly don’t care what they do so long as it works out in the end

        it could be a Toei Rehash\Redub and i could love it just as much as if they re-did it

        besides the West sorely needs some of the Classic Anime too make a return

    3. Heather

      do you happen to know when these items will be available in stores in the United States? Also, is it better to order from or a Japanese order website? please answer, one moonie to another lol :)

    4. Lilly-chan

      sassypants678 you know your awesome! I’m working on some new slides for my panel for my up coming convention (Matsuricon) in August. I’m so plugging your site for more information on the latest info!


    5. Katherine

      As someone who lives in Japan, may I just say that the gashapon figures are awesome! Great detail, and cost 300 yen. Disappearing fast, though!


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