La Reconquista Cast Interview Fansub online!

Hello Miss Dreamers, and welcome to our mid-week update! The God of Backstage show, which had interviewed Osabu earlier this month, had a show last week involving the new Sailor Moon musical again. This time, it featured a La Reconquista Cast interview! This interview included the actresses who play Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Tuxedo Mask!

Sailor Moon: La Reconquista cast interview

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With the release of the La Reconquista cast interview fansub, we would like to welcome to the staff, ainomessage! She will be working on the site as a Japanese to English translator, with this La Reconquista cast interview fansub being the first work of her’s published on the site! We thank her for her hard work, getting this done for posting just a week after the show. <3

That’s everything that we have today. We hope you enjoy this interview in preparation for next month’s new musical! While I have y’all’s attention, I would just like to note that starting tomorrow, I am initiating a massive overhaul of the site galleries. There isn’t really an avenue for me to not work on this off site to roll it over, so expect the galleries to be down throughout the weekend. I will post on our twitter account when they are back online, so keep an eye out there. As always, keep an eye on our translation feed of Osabu’s tweets for translations of news and more as it happens. We will be doing our best to stay along with any coverage, as you saw last week with the Flag Nine Animelo Summer Live event segment that featured the new musical cast. You can see all past news leading up to today in our Sailor Moon 2013 News Portal. Enjoy today’s addition of the La Reconquista cast interview fansub, and we will see you soon! =D

Sailor Moon: La Reconquista cast interview

6 Responses to “La Reconquista Cast Interview Fansub online!”

  1. Katie

    Thanks for the welcome!

    Just one correction – this interview actually features the actresses who portray Mercury and Jupiter plus Tuxedo Mask. No director this time :)

    • MarioKnight

      Thanks for the correction, it has been applied! I was just given this video less than an hour before work, so I haven’t watched it yet. ^^;;; Don’t ask how I was able to get this all together in that short window. x_x;; I look forward to seeing your work when I get home later! =D

        • MarioKnight

          And that I will chalk up to rushing to fix that in the middle of work. ^^;;; Fixed! And yes, I can blitz things out if needed. This weekend’s gallery conversions will be a true test of my skills. x_x

  2. RRViper

    Finally got around to watching this.

    Overall it was interesting to watch, a couple of typos mixed in here and there, but nothing too serious to ruin the mood.

    Although now I want to get the Mega Man energy tank plush they showed in the corner on top of the speaker. ;)

    Much thanks to the crew for translating this. (yay!)


    (who is looking online for one right now.)


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