Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon La Reconquista – Animelo Live Event

Hey guys, this is James!

Some of you may be aware there was a big event in Japan about eight hours ago. It was part of the Flag Nine Animelo Summer Live event. A lot of great stuff happened, but most importantly to us Sailor Moon fans, a huge show from the five actresses playing the Sailor Guardians in the new musical La Reconquista!

I worked up a translation of the second song “We Are the Pretty Guardians” as fast as I could so we could put that up for you all, hope you enjoyed it! But now I’ve completed the entire event, and have it ready for your enjoyment! Normally I ask sassypants678 and Dan take care of the business end of making the DDLs Torrents, News Posts etc. but seeing as they’re both dead asleep and I’m still hopped up on Red Bull and a sense of accomplishment, I thought I’d take care of that for them!

direct download | torrent
So there you have it! I’m sure sassypants678 and Dan will have my head for making an ugly site update, but I wanted to get it to you guys asap!

Hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed translating!

17 Responses to “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon La Reconquista – Animelo Live Event”

  1. p-chan

    You’re the best! Many thanks for this! I just hope, by now you’ll get some rest, too. You’ve definitely earned it :D

  2. Jinafire

    They have great chemistry with each other! Sorry if i sound mean, but their singing/dancing aren’t that great, but again, their chemistry with each other and personalities make up for that though i think. I love their personalities! They also look good in costume.

    • Yen

      Its their first live performance. These are their debut roles. There’s no need to harshly critique their abilities.

    • clm

      It seems that the first song sounded a bit better than the second one, about which they said that they’re still practicing it. I believe they’ll do it better on the stage. But still…if the other songs are good, too, they really should record a refined and clear studio version and publish a music album or something. I loved the second song, so I think they shouldn’t just waste its potential on the stage quality.

  3. smoonielover

    I downloaded the direct download, but when I watch it there are still no subs. I am not sure why they don’t show. Any thoughts?

  4. daniel

    was just wondering if you’ll be uploading this and the interviews with osabu and mercury and jupiter onto youtube. im unable to download unfortunately. but thank you for all your work on sm media. i love your site!

  5. Itsuki

    Thank you very much for uploading this live performance. Just finished watching it. I love the translation, the new songs sound wonderful!!! Congratulations for having such an amazing site, you guys are my number #1 source with everything happening in the Sailor Moon universe right now. ^_^

  6. carmela

    I believe they sing pretty cool, though there was a glitch on Usagi’ s solo in the 2nd song. Now its ringing in my head, i think i will like these musical. But i notice, they are having a hard time dancing because of their shoes.


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