Guide to Enjoying Sailor Moon La Reconquista in Japan

Going to Japan to watch the new Sailor Moon musical, “La Reconquista”, this September?
Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of your experience!

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Merchandise Round Up

All prices below include sales tax, and will be available for purchase in the AiiA Theater lobby.

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Official Pamphlet

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Official Pamphlet

Printed on B4 size paper, 40 color pages. Features cast photos, a history of the 20 year long history of the musicals, and a column by the editor for Sailor Moon, Osabu and much more!

Will be available for sale at AiiA theater during the performances of La Reconquista. Price is 2200 yen, approximately $25 USD. Definitely a must-have item if you are a serious collector!

Official La Reconquista iPhone5 Hard Jackets

Sailor Moon Official La Reconquista iPhone5 Hard Jackets

Three designs available – Usagi, Eternal Sailor Moon, and pamphlet cover. Remember the musical always with these original pieces of merchandise!

These will be available for sale at AiiA theater during the performances of La Reconquista. Price if 2100 yen, approximately $23 USD.

Sailor Moon Pen Lights

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Official Pen Lights

Available in pink or white.
Press the button twice to activate the lights, and enjoy!

On sale for 1000 yen, available at the AiiA theater during the La Reconquista performances.

Pop Art Sailor Moon T-Shirts

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Official T-Shirts

Want to show your love for the sailor soldiers?! Now you can with these adorable Sailor Moon Pop Art T-shirts. Available in two designs, featuring cute pop art graphics!

On sale at the AiiA theater during the performances of La Reconquista.
Price is 3150 yen, approximately $35 USD.

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Clutch Bags

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Official Clutch Bags

Take your pick of one of these cool Sailor Moon clutch bags, available in silhouette or pop art design!

Large size – 3750 yen, approximately $40 USD
Small size – 3150 yen, approximately $35 USD
On sale at the AiiA theater during the performances of La Reconquista.

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Karaoke Bar Drink Specials

All drinks are non-alcoholic and cost 600 yen (approximately $6 USD)!

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Drink Specials

  • Sailor Moon: Blue Hawaii, Calpis, Vanilla ice cream, & cherries
  • Sailor Mercury: Black Currant syrup, Blue Hawaii, Soda, and star-shaped banana slices
  • Sailor Mars: Strawberry syrup, ice tea, and cherries
  • Sailor Jupiter: Blue Hawaii, Ginger ale, and whip cream
  • Sailor Venus: Strawberry syrup, orange juice, and an orange slice

Enjoy special Sailor Moon drinks at the following participating “Iron Karaoke” (Karaoke no Tetsujin) Karaoke Bar locations:

  • Kabukicho
  • Takadanobaba
  • Nakano

These will be available for sale starting September 13th until October 13th.

Drinks will be served on these limited edition La Reconquista coasters:

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Drink Coasters

There are a total of six designs to collect. Enjoy!

In celebration of La Reconquista and the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, the above-listed “Iron Karaoke” locations will have the following song list available for your karaoke enjoyment – all old Sera Myu musical songs! Here is the line-up:

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Karaoke Song List

341982 – I Miss You 339991 – Double Moonlight Romance
237439 – Innocent Demand 364919 – Chasin’ After You
485454 – We’ll Be the Last Victory 342054 – Densetsu Seitan
164661 – Everlasting Moonlight 237640 – To a Brand-New World
453688 – All Of You Shall Die 164668 – 21 Century Koi no Senshi Ja Irarenai
478772 – Onna Kaizoku no Sakusen 164671 – Traditional The Grace – Ai no Arashi
321516 – Ginga no Sanctuary 164672 – Drive Me the Mercury
368857 – Kekki! Hangyaku no Ichizoku 418089 – Dream Yume wa Ookiku
378779 – Kokoro Tabanete – Makin’ for the Right 201868 – Harsh! Saint Cry!!
Kokoro Tabanete – Watchin’ on the Sight By Heaven! Kami Nomi Zo Shiru
164662 – The Last Change (21st Century) 164674 – FIRE
401780 – Junketsu no Narcissism 308178 – Forbidden Hades
164665 – Zigzag Slash 458008 – Broken MOBIUS
1464665 – Sailor War! 2001 164679 – Honoo no Messenger
231389 – Solar Miracle Makeup! 198728 – Moment Fatal
376043 – La Soldier

You can call ahead to reserve a spot for your party or schedule online.

Venue: AiiA Theater Information

AiiA Theater Tokyo Shibuya

Street Address: Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2-1-1, Japan

  • About a 10 minute walk from the Japan Railways Tokyu Toyoko, Keio Inokashira, Tokyo Metro Gina, and Hanzomon lines @ Shibuya Station.
  • 8 minute walk from Japan Rails Harajuku Station
  • 8 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Meiji Jingumae Station

Send Us Your Pictures!

We’d love to feature pictures you take of your experience in viewing Sailor Moon La Reconquista in Tokyo this month! Please send all submissions to [email protected] – I’ll be highlighting everyone’s photos, so please be sure you include information about who appears in the picture, where you were located when the picture was taken, etc. The more detail the better!

Feel free to include a short story with your photo submissions! We’ll be posting them up on the site for everyone to enjoy. I hope all of you who are travelling to Japan to enjoy this new Sailor Moon musical event will have a great time!!

22 Responses to “Guide to Enjoying Sailor Moon La Reconquista in Japan”

  1. RRViper

    Looks like everyone wants to get into the Sailor Moon spirit.

    While the drinks and other goodies are interesting, I have to admit I’m interested in the pamphlet that’s being sold, partly for the history of the musical, and something to look through while I hope this gets released to dvd. If someone who is going is willing to pick it up, let me know and I can cover the costs,shipping, etc.


    (who just signed up for a Japanese PSN account to get the addons for the project diva games he imported over)

  2. Stephanie A.

    I wish we could buy those clutches outside of the performances :( I hope the people who go have fun! The cast looks AMAZING!

  3. kurumi kato

    Ooh I didn’t know about the karaoke, those drinks are so cute! I’ll be attending the musical on the last day, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of photos ^—^

  4. Jinafire

    I’m really sad that there isn’t any news about a CD release. Usually the SeraMyu CD’s come out way before the musical (i.e. Mugen CD came out with Karina, the original casted Jupiter, vocals versus Mai, the understudy Jupiter who took over).

    Does anyone know if maybe they released anything on the Japanese itunes? I just cant imagine why a soundtrack isn’t available yet!

          • Alita

            I am really hoping everyone here talking about pictures was joking and didn’t actually do something so disrespectful as take pictures during the play. Because you are seriously not a fan if you can’t even bother to respect the rules at the musical.

            The musical was amazing btw, can’t wait for a dvd.

  5. Heero

    A couple things, they were selling the manga and one or two of the previous musicals on DVD there. The drinks were not actually purchasable at the show if that is unclear. They were selling postcard sets of the senshi (+ Tuxedo Kamen) and the generals an A set and a B set for each. 1000 yen for a set or 3600 for all 4. Also it was really good. I would consider it one of the best personally.

    Just my two cents

  6. Shin

    Congrats and thanks, you have done a great job on this. I know you must have put many long hours into it. It’s great to see people getting excited again. I was just at Ramencon and saw the Figuarts available on the shelf so to speak for the first time. This is going to be a lot of fun from here on in! BTW I would love a hook up on the pamphlet as well.

    • sassypants678

      Hi Shin,

      Sadly, my hook up on the pamphlets has already sold out the number of spots she was willing to purchase for. I’m sure the pamphlet will pop up on eBay, though. Good luck, and thanks for checking out La Reconquista!


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