Sailor Moon La Reconquista Preparation Weekend!

Hello Miss Dreamers! Today is a very special day, as we were able to successfully record Sailor Moon La Reconquista in its first stream! We have been working hard all day to bring this, and many other things, to you as soon as we can. As of this typing, I would estimate that maybe a third has been translated and subtitled. I’ve been told that this is the hardest segment, so things may start moving a bit faster around the halfway point. We will see. I would like to take this time to ask for donations to our caffeine funds helping us power through everything we’ve got going on. We have a PayPal button on the top of our main page, and while linking to it seems to be interesting, this link should be working. We love doing this, and appreciate all of your support as we prepare this major release for you.

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Portal Page

That being said, while the performance is not ready to go online, we have so much other material relating to Sailor Moon La Reconquista coming online today to get y’all pumped up for the big show! First off, as announced on social media last night, we put together a massive page containing every La Reconquista posting we’ve had thus far, and all future postings will be added there as well, including the translation of the performance itself. We have a link to it in the main menu as well, this is your one stop for all things Sailor Moon La Reconquista outside of Japan.

Our first new addition to this page today is an interview with the main cast posted in Engeki Book magazine’s October 2013 issue. This is another good look at how the cast gets along and various other topics. I believe this is the first interview of such that has all five of the sailor soldiers’ actresses present, which already makes this a fun and unique read!
Sailor Moon La Reconquista Pamphlet
The next posting is something that has been very anticipated all week long. Thanks to Anne fron, as well as some assistance from Sakky/sailorastera and smobss, we have good quality pictures of the official Sailor Moon La Reconquista pamphlet. With these, sassypants678 has spent a good part of her week translating the whole thing. It is massive. It is a pretty good read with lots of information and the official song listing! This is something that should really get you going for when we have the performance online. I can’t recommend this enough, it is easily the single page that has gotten the most attention in this entire site. Between sassypants678’s week of translating, my night formatting the page to look good, and Serenity842003’s time to read through and edit, this is something you will want to read. You can start by clicking here.

And here’s a nice surprise that none of you expected, but I know will love to no end. While reading our translation of the official pamphlet, why not listen to all of the songs in the performance?

Soundtrack Download
direct download | torrent

Yes, you read that correctly. All of the songs in Sailor Moon La Reconquista for your listening pleasure as you read the pamphlet while waiting for our translation to be completed. I have taken the time to make tracks from this morning’s performance stream into MP3s to listen to on the device of your choice, or burn to your own CD with. This unofficial soundtrack clocks in at just under an hour, and features all songs performed in the musical in the order they were performed in, titles translated from the pamphlet. If this doesn’t get you excited for watching the show, I don’t know what will.

And that will round up today! As you can see, we are focused on bringing you everything we possibly can for Sailor Moon La Reconquista. This is a very exciting time, and it is wonderful to be able to play a part in doing everything that we’re doing here. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor, this musical has consumed our lives, though it certainly has been an enjoyable process getting everything together. We will post the translated performance as soon as we are able to do so, however please enjoy all of the material that we have brought online today! =D

7 Responses to “Sailor Moon La Reconquista Preparation Weekend!”

  1. John

    Can someone tell me which pages from the Nakayoshi August 2013 issue have Sailor Moon ads and info? I don’t want to download the whole thing just for those few pages.

    • MarioKnight

      I’m sorry for the delay, I haven’t been able to go through and pick them out yet. However, I did just finish a solution for the galleries and put them back on the August 2013 page, so you can browse through the gallery to find them instead of downloading the entire file.

    • Heero

      download winrar to open it and all the mp3’s will be inside. I warn you though, my friend just downloaded the new one and it installed a bunch of toolbar crap on his computer. So you might want to search for a version that doesn’t come with so much “bullshit-ware” or an older version from

      • p-chan

        @Zuka: You can use another program called 7-Zip (just google it). It opens many types of archives, is very small and unobtrusive and free! As Heero said, this .rar file is an archive containing the music files.


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