Kanzenban Proplica Moon Stick and the Launch of Project eBook

Happy Miss Dream Monday everybody! Today’s Update is absolutely packed! Today we have Kanzenban 9 and 10, a translated Proplica Moon Stick Video, and the Launch of Project eBook!

Project eBook you say? Yes! We’ll get to that later, we promise ♥

First off, what you’ve all been anxious for, Sailor Moon Perfect Editions!

Sailor Moon Perfect Edition “Kanzenban” HQ Scans

Sailor Moon Perfect Edition Kanzenban Manga Volume 9
Volume 9
CD Japan | Jlist
Sailor Moon Perfect Edition Kanzenban Manga Volume 10
Volume 10
CD Japan | Jlist

Please enjoy 600 DPI downloads of the Sailor Moon Perfect Edition (Kanzenban) books, volumes 9 and 10! These were released in Japan in mid March of 2014. We highly recommend buying copies, as the digital remastering of the artwork is really worth the purchase.

Next is a Cool thing that the infamous Sakky-chan commissioned us, and even let us post! The translation of the ad for the Proplica Moon Stick!

Propelica Moon Stick Video!

Proplica Moon Stick Promotion
Proplica Moon Stick Promotion

Last but not least, is a project that I (Anna) have been devising for months now. The Miss Dream eBook Project!

Miss Dream eBook Project!

What is this silly project you’re devising, Anna, you say? Well it’s not silly! Well, maybe a little, but it’s cool!

In essence, we’re taking everything we own and converting it into optimized eBook formats. Yes, i did say everything we own. This means all of our raws, and all of our scanlations! We’ll be posting them in the most recognized formats, plus a few extra! The formats we will be putting out are as such:

.rar – Which is our usual output for galleries in loose format. We already do this of course, and to extract this you’ll need a program such as WiNRAR or 7-Zip to extract.
.pdf – The popular file used by most eReaders, and made popular by and viewable with Adobe Reader. There are also several alternatives to read PDFs, such as PDF-XChange Viewer, which is a personal favorite, Foxit Reader, and Sumatra PDF being popular as well.
.cbr – or “Comic Book Rar” witch is the most widely used format for comic books. A reader is required to view these, and the most popular is ComicRack
.epub – The most popular reader format, most commonly used on Apple products, such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, but almost universally used on other devices such as most cellphones. Can be read, and even converted by the amazing program Calibre!
.mobi – the format printed by Amazon exclusively for their vast line of Kindle readers. To view these on your computer there is a list of readers here!
.cbda – AKA “Comic Book DS” a format detailed on our site here.

Now! To the eBooks we’ve already Formatted!


Guardians of Order
Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book by Guardians of Order
Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book
Knight Character Diary (Guardians of Order)
The Complete Book of Yoma, Volume 1
Sailor Scout Character Diary (Guardians of Order)
Sailor Scout Character Diary
Knight Character Diary (Guardians of Order)
Knight Character Diary
Dark Warrior Character Diary (Guardians of Order)
Dark Warrior Character Diary
Sailor Moon Books by Kodansha America
Meet Sailor Moon by Kodansha America
Meet Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Friends and Foes by Kodansha America
Sailor Moon Friends and Foes

That’s it for this week. If you enjoyed this week’s offerings, please consider donating to Miss Dream so we can continue to offer more downloads in the future. We love being able to provide everything we do for everyone, and can always use the help to keep the project going! Our garage sale is still ongoing, where you can own the magazines used to make these scans at cheap prices! As always, we are still available to take on paid projects for any kind of anime/manga/doujinshi translation, so please consider hiring us! We will see you next week!

4 Responses to “Kanzenban Proplica Moon Stick and the Launch of Project eBook”

  1. Maggie

    Thank you so much for the HQ scans of the RPG guides. I found an older pretty bad copy about a year ago, but this really does help a lot, thank you :)

  2. Mina

    Thanks a lot for the proplica ad!!

    Will you guys also translate the instructions manual for the moon stick?

    It has a lot of words and looks kinda complicated if you can’t read japanese U^^


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