Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer Translated!

Happy Wednesday everyone! It has certainly been an exciting day which saw the first trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal a few hours ago! In true Miss Dream fashion, you can now enjoy the Sailor Moon Crystal trailer translated! =D

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This is a fun first look into the new anime, starting only next month! So hard to believe it’s coming upon us! We will be working on the event from early this morning which featured Osabu, but we could not wait to get the Sailor Moon Crystal translated for everyone! Enjoy and we will see you soon!

Update: The single MOON PRIDE CD Blu-ray by Momoiro Clover Z with the theme is available for pre-order at CD Japan! =D

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  1. RRViper

    Hmm, looks interesting.

    While their looks fit well and I know this is being based off the manga, is it just me or do the senshi look a little too tall to be middle schoolers?

    Maybe it’s just me and I need to get used to the girls in higher heels than the original.

    Though I can only guess what Marmoru / Tuxedo Kamen will look like in height compared to the senshi.

    Well, the party begins again in a month. I’ll be waiting.


    (of course I’m here; I just hide and watch)

  2. Liz

    My only gripe is the ZOMGHAIR – you know, the classic anime hair that is flailing wildly in the wind like streamers and there’s no wind :P

  3. Mishi

    Although, the trailer was rather easy to understand, I thank you for the subbed version. Ahhh it was great to hear the new theme song! I really like it.

  4. Misty

    Apparently you can also just buy the “Moon Pride” CD by itself here: That particular version is called the “Momoclo Version” and features an extra track not on the Blu-Ray one – Momoiro Clover Z’s rendition of “Moon Revenge,” along with a karaoke version of the same.

    Also apparently the single also includes the ending theme, called “Gekkou” (which I think means “Moonlight” though I’m not sure – the only place I’ve heard that word is in Cure Moonlight’s intro speech in HeartCatch PreCure). The title is listed thus in Japanese: 「月虹」は、アニメ『美少女戦士セーラームーンCrystal』ED主題歌

    Also I was able to find out: “Moon Pride” was composed by REVO, leader of the band Linked Horizon, famous for “Guren no Yumiya,” the first opening song for Attack on Titan. “Gekkou” was composed by Kosaka Akiko, who’s composed many Sailor Moon songs, including “Moon Revenge,” “Tuxedo Mirage,” and “La Soldier.”

    Just thought I’d add to the conversation.

  5. williukea

    Will you be subbing the actual episodes like that? If yes I really love those subs! Just 2 things: 1. Please write Japanese song lyrics too and the Japanese kanji lyrics doesn’t show and only squares are seen and 2. Please write honorifics! You might be the best subbing group who does SMCrystal since all other groups probably won’t do anything nice besides mistranslating to English audience only…

    • JRiVe

      The anime will receive an official translation when it is aired on the Internet, in 10 different languages… English will surely be in there, so there’s no really need for english fansubs

    • minako_ifu

      Lol, as far as I know leaving honorifics instead of adapting it is lazy and lame. In a professional or high quality translation there is no place for them. I like her subs, although I think it’s useless to translate something that’s gonna be subbed officially. But if you try to sub it anyway please make your line shorter, carrying the phrase on two lines and position your subtitles a little higher on screen. And no honorifics and lame translator notes. All this things are long forgotten for good and for better. :)

      • sassypants678

        I have no intentions of releasing Sailor Moon Crystal translations, my group only released the trailer since there is still no official translation available from Viz Media.

        I agree that including honorifics is a waste of time, and none of my translations feature them. I can try to make the lines fit on screen better, but honestly – it’s really hard to condense the text more than I already have.

    • williukea

      I know this will be subbed in english already but all the official subs suck! Nobody leave awesome song lyrics nobody leave honorifics which is NECESSARY PART OF ANIME AND JAPANESE CULTURE!!! I always preferred subs that contain honorifics and do not mistranslate! I never watch when CR or any other official anime sites sub the anime because I want to enjoy the anime not wonder what this and that really mean and other stuff…

  6. ChibiHelios

    Williukea, if you are so desperate to read honorifics, I suggest you learn Japanese and read / watch the material in its original form. I have a great disrespect for translators who leave in the honorifics in, and I applaud Miss Dream for leaving them out. They are NOT necessary, and leaving them in IS considered mis-translation. Certain Japanese words (honorifics included) have become popular among certain circles of Japanese animation fans, but that doesn’t make one any closer to understanding Japanese culture. A good, accurate translation conveys relationship in the target language without having to resort to leaving them in. One shouldn’t be relying on animation to learn about any country’s culture anyway. Half of my family is Japanese and I love Japan, so it’s not like I’m hating on Japanese culture here.

  7. Krudda

    Seems we have very opposing opinions on that. While its a “proper” translation to leave the honorifics out, it’s jarring as hell, to read a line, and hear something else.


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