eBook Overhaul Plus

Hey guys! Quick update is quick! Today we bring you the eBook Overhaul Plus, as well as the missing PGSM Kodansha TV Book Volume 4, and Volumes 3 and 4 From the German Sailor Moon Re-release by KAZE.


With the exception of Big Boonuu and Little Boonuu, which is providing difficult due to it’s page orientation, The other works Of Naoko Takeuchi Section is complete!

Also note that several eBook have been updated over the site! Most notably Maria witch has a bit a of page problems.

PQ Angelscbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Love Witccbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Sister Witchcbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Toki Meca Prequelcbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Toki Meca Volume 1cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

Toki Meca Volume 2cbds | cbr | epub | mobi | pdf

PGSM Kodansha TV Book Volume 4

The next to last Kodansha TV Book we were missing! The only one left is Act Zero! If you have a copy of Act Zero that you are willing to donate or scan for us, Contact sassypants678!

PGSM Kodansha TV Book Volume 4
PGSM Kodansha TV Book Volume 4

German DVD Boxset Volume 3 and 4

Boxsets of the Sailor Moon 1992 Anime by KAZE. Published April 25, 2014 and June 27, 2014. They is still available for order! Volume 3 is here, and Volume 4 is here!

Graciously Donated by Seeraa_Sataan On Twitter!

German DVD Boxset Volume 3
German DVD Boxset Volume 3
German DVD Boxset Volume 4
German DVD Boxset Volume 4

If you enjoyed this update, please consider donating to Miss Dream so we can continue to offer more downloads in the future. We love being able to provide everything we do for everyone, and can always use the help to keep the project going! Our garage sale has been updated, where you can own the magazines used to make these scans at cheap prices! As always, we are still available to take on paid projects for any kind of anime/manga/doujinshi translation, so please consider hiring us! We hope that you enjoyed the eBooks, PGSM Kodansha TV Book Volume 4, and German DVD Boxset Volume 3 and 4! :D We will see you next week!

7 Responses to “eBook Overhaul Plus”

  1. Sarah

    Were the Sailor Moon ebooks updated ? Just wondering if I need to go through the work to redownload them all and then put them all on my Kindle.. :)

    • Anna

      Not the Manga! The Roleplay books, the Novels, Kodansha America, The Scholastic books, and the Scout Guides have been reworked. The Manga Shinsouban however, was working to begin with :D

      Wonderful! A kindle! If you get a chance, Tell me how they read and perform! I have a kindle app on my Tablet, but it’s not the same thing :3

  2. John

    The gallery download link for the German DVD Boxset Volume 4 doesn’t work. When you click on it, it says “404 Not Found”

  3. Kamlin

    Thank you for this update! I especially like the Kaze boxsets. I wonder where the art for them came from? The re-imagining of the artbook image of Pluto, Endymion, and Neo-Queen Serenity is especially interesting, but I’m not familiar enough with the old anime art to know if it’s an old piece or newly done for these sets.

    But your site seems a bit unhappy- currently none of the ebooks are working, and the first two boxsets are giving 404 errors.


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