Sailor Moon Giveaway Results!

Hello everyone! We would like to take this time to thank everyone who took part in our 5th anniversary giveaway celebration! There were over 300 entries! We were surprised by the turn out. Thank you for sharing all of your comments about how you keep your love of Sailor Moon alive with us!

In the video below, we announce the grand prize winner. Happy watching!

12 Responses to “Sailor Moon Giveaway Results!”

  1. Stef

    I liked the whole idea of this contest and one of my good friends even entered. I’ve been a fan of the anime in the 90’s and yes, I’m a guy. But I think randomly selecting a winner via a number picker was in bad taste. I read this was supposed to be ‘What keeps your love of Sailor Moon alive’ and so many fans poured their hearts out into really good entries while the person who was selected barely said anything at all. It was a bad representation of the contest’s purpose. Such an awesome prize should have gone to someone who loves the series heart and soul and had an entry to prove it. No hard feelings to the winner though, congrats. But just some advice for future contests.

    • Minty

      I don’t think you realize how many posts were left. A random number makes it fair for everyone. I love Sailor moon and the show has helped me through hardships and picking based on something like that can cause some people to become upset that their stories weren’t enough.

      It is a fair shot for everyone and the contest still achieved its purpose of sharing that story with the world. If you didn’t read some of those stories you really should go back and do so otherwise YOU missed out on the purpose of it.

      Congrats Ren!

  2. Lucas

    Congratulations to the winner!!! :D

    This was a great contest :3 The biggest
    price for me was actually taken the time for the first time in years to reflect on why I’m such a huge Sailor Moon fan :)

    Writing my entry reminded me what a great influence this show may have on my child so I ended up ordering the Italian Moon Stick for my future daughter (or son) so she/he can still enjoy it in a few years when the price will sky rocket.

    Thank you Miss Dream!

    Also, I believe that randomly picking the winner is very fair. If you have so many heartfelt comments how could you decide which was is better?

  3. John

    Congratulations to the winner!

    This was a really fun contest and continue to keep on going strong and to take the title of a dubbed SM song, “Carry On”, Miss Dream!

  4. Rachel

    Congratulations!!! I totally agree, sailor moon has a special place in all our hearts and it makes me happy to share the love with other Moonies
    Sailor Venus and kunzite forever!

  5. Jimmy Combs

    Congratulations Ren! This was so much fun! Even thought I didn’t win, I love this website with all its wonderful Sailor Moon downloads.

  6. Samara

    I’m happy for the winner, congrats!!! And thanks for organizing this contest. I hope there’ll be more, so I’ll be able to join!
    Btw, Miss Dream, are you going to post other Nakayoshi raws soon? I’m looking forward to the other 2014 ones.

    • sassypants678

      Hi Samara – I cancelled my subscription to Nakayoshi a few months ago, so I won’t be providing any more raws for the recent issues. Sorry about that!

      • chiyako92

        What a pity, I was following Kokoro Jikaru which ended in December issue. :( But anyway, thanks for the hard and amazing work you did scanning that ton of magazines! ^_^

        • sassypants678

          Yeah, sorry about that! I used to get the subscription through my last employer at a steep discount. I can’t justify spending $50+ an issue every month for scanning though ;____; I believe you can find used copies on eBay though, or Yahoo!Japan auctions if you need that last one!


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