Mermaid Panic, Week 7, Crystal Season 3 is Coming…So Are The Funkos!

Hello again, Dreamers! This week’s update features our continuing series of the never-before-scanlated scanlated Mermaid Panic releases, with the release of chapter 7! Plus, some brief Sailor Moon Crystal Season III news.

This week’s uploads

Mermaid Panic - Chapter 7
Mermaid Panic
Chapter 7

Sailor Moon Crystal News

This past week, we learned that season 3’s premiere date has been narrowed down to April, which means we’ll be seeing new episodes in less than 2 months. But, it remains to be seen if other parts of the world will be seeing it, since it never mentioned if it’ll simulcast online.

We hope it does, so stay tuned, Dreamers! :D

SOURCE: Official Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Site

Sailor Moon Funko Pop Figures Are Coming!

After months of waiting, we finally got to see what our Senshi, the cats, and Tuxedo Mask, look like, as Funko Pop Vinyls. Funko, the maker of these, has been releasing collectable figures from various TV, movie, and animated series. And now, Sailor Moon is going to join them! Take a look at the preview pics, Funko released, while they’re at this year’s New York Toy Fair!

Look for these to come out, this April!
A special thanks to MoonSticks, for the heads up!

Stream Testing

Dan sneaks in quick: I am in the process of checking out streaming services, so for the first big test, I made a page for watching Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage anywhere. That won’t be a permanent page so don’t bookmark it, but please try on any device and leave any feedback positive or negative to help me in my tests and reviewing. Thanks and enjoy! =)


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