Mermaid Panic, Week 8: Early Screening of Season 3 Coming in March

Hello, Dreamers! This week’s update features our continuing series of the never-before-scanlated scanlated Mermaid Panic releases, with the release of chapter 8! Plus, some more brief Sailor Moon Crystal Season III news.

This week’s uploads

Mermaid Panic - Chapter 8
Mermaid Panic
Chapter 8

Sailor Moon Crystal Season III, to get an Advanced Screening

news_xlarge_sailormoonCrystal_keyThis past week, we learned that season 3’s premiere episode will be shown at Ikebukuro’s Animate, on March 6th. This is a free and private, event, but you need to sign up at Evil Line’s site (click here) to get a ticket to the event.

Guests Fumio Osano and director Chiaki Kon will be at the premiere event, to talk about it.

Details and spoilers may come after this, so stay tuned!

SOURCE: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Site


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