Mermaid Panic, Week 11; Sailor Moon in a Commercial

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day, Dreamers! This week’s update features our ongoing series of the never-before-scanlated Mermaid Panic releases, continuing with the release of chapter 11! Plus, Sailor Moon Crystal Season III gets a little sample, thanks to a Japanese commercial spot, and a cafe theme, next month.

This week’s uploads

Mermaid Panic - Chapter 11
Mermaid Panic
Chapter 11

Sailor Moon does commercials for Cocola BB Joma

A series of commercials for Cocola BB Joma showed up, over the weekend, sampling Sailor Moon Crystal season 3’s animation in the process.

Cocola BB Joma is an energy drink for people who want to lift their spirits and display even greater potential than usual. What’s interesting is that Joma, in Japanese, is backwards for Majo (or witch), and is marketed with a magical theme.
It’s slogan is “Cast a spell of happiness,” which sounds mighty familiar. hmmm… ;)

PERSONAL NOTE: Business suit Usagi is the best…even with her glasses on. :P

SOURCE OF DRINK INFO: Japan Today article

Cafe Death Busters coming next month!


The ON STATION will host a Death Busters themed cafe, to promote the premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal’s third season! The menu is themed to be focused on the Outer Sailor Guardians, and it will run from April 4th to May 9th!

SOURCE: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary site


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