Sailor Moon Crystal Season Three ED1 Translated

For another fun special late night treat, we have translated the ending video to Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3. This can be watched by downloading the file below. Enjoy! =D

Sailor Moon Crystal Season Three ED1 – Eternal Eternity TV Size
Sailor Moon Crystal Season Three ED1 - Eternal Eternity TV Size
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7 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal Season Three ED1 Translated”

  1. No One

    Thanks again for your countless contributions and efforts, Miss Dream Team! *Actually excited for Crystal III*

  2. VierMill

    There is an error with the subs, the alineation on the screen of Haruka’s first sentence in japanese is clearly misplaced, could you check it?

    Also, I would be interested to translate both this and the opening to Spanish using your translation, I know how to extract subtitles files from mkv, if I’m given permission I’ll provide the translation here.

  3. Moon Bunny

    Says file is corrupt when I try to download it to my phone. Is there anyplace to watch with your subs without having to download the file? YouTube?

    • MarioKnight

      YouTube is the one place where companies care about others not them posting their content even if it’s used for purposes of reaction videos and the like. All other streaming services cost a fair amount of money (for good reason), and while they work great with a variety of mobile devices (which I’ve confirmed with tests), I can’t justify purchasing these services when we don’t get enough consistent donations to cover current server costs. Until one of these things changes, I sadly can’t provide reliable streaming options for any of our downloads at this time. =(

  4. Finya V

    Thank you for your translations! The lyrics of the song are beautiful.
    Too bad that they have taken a male singer for the part of Uranus.
    There are several Japanese songs by Haruka, which sings a woman. But still beautiful!

    Could you perhaps translate the entire song as well?
    The full version is so nice!

    Best regards!


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