Doujin-Mania 7! Plus, Act 36 of Crystal!

Hello again, Dreamers!

This week’s update features more doujin uploads from our generous donor, dawnlight6, including 2 more scanlations! Also, the airing of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 36!

This week’s doujin uploads

Sea Bed
Sea Bed
Starlight (18+ Only)
Starlight (18+ Only)
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
Bleu de Ciel (EN)
Bleu de Ciel (EN)
Octopus's Garden (EN)
Octopus’s Garden (EN)

Sailor Moon Crystal Season III – Act 36 is up!

The eleventh episode of season 3 is up, the manga equivalent of Act 36. Check out the episode on the official sites!

Click on whichever one, to watch the episode from that site!

Viz Media

The 2016 musical, Sailor Moon: Amour Eternal, is announced!

Earlier today, the official Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary page announced the title and additions to the musical, which will happen later this year. Joining the new inner senshi will be:

  • Hikaru Hirayama as Helios
  • Sayu Ootsuki as Nehelenia
  • Kanami Sakai as Zirconia
  • Andou Chihiro as Tiger’s Eye
  • Riona Tatemichi as Hawk’s Eye
  • Yumi as Fish Eye
  • Dead Moon Circus Trope:
  • Yoshika Kobayashi
  • Risa Kawamura
  • Yoshimi Hidano
  • Ayano Nagasawa
  • Chiemi Doi(?)
  • Ayumi Sagisaka

Also, the role of Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury has been recasted, since the reveal. Her role will now be played by Yume Takeuchi.

For more, and future updates on this year’s musical, plus downloads, please head over to our Amour Eternal page.

Thanks to Katie, for the translation.


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