Sailor Moon: Amour Eternal – Live Performance Songs Online!

We are hard at work translating Sailor Moon: Amour Eternal! In the meantime as everyone else is working on the translation, I have continued the tradition of making an unofficial soundtrack of the performance. Thankfully this year, though the performance was not streamed on Nico, the source from one of the many stream providers was excellent! I’d like to put more words here, but it’s late, and y’all just want to go straight to the downloads anyways. ;p Links are below the image, Enjoy! =D

Sailor Moon Amour Eternal - Live Performance Songs

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5 Responses to “Sailor Moon: Amour Eternal – Live Performance Songs Online!”

  1. Sataan

    thx so very very very very much!!

  2. GG

    Thank you! I was worried we would not get the musical this year! I’ve been checking the website and twitter for updates! Thank you for making the soundtrack! I look forward to that each year too! If each musical is covering each arc, we have one more to go!


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