Sailor Moon and Sailor V Raw Japanese Manga Takedown

Effective immediately: Due to a request we received from Kodansha LTD of Japan, we have removed all downloads and gallery pages of the three raw Japanese language versions of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga series and the Code Name: Sailor V manga series from our website. Translations are currently unaffected.

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    • Rul

      Yeah. I want to know too :<
      OMG I just deleted tankoubon version last week because my computer disks is full and now this…..

  1. Kami

    That’s really disappointing! It’s amazing that they’re planning on releasing them in English, though!

    But it’s a huge shame because there are a lot of reasons for people to want to have a resource for seeing the older printings. For example I’m a huge fan of Sailor Moon’s typesetting and now no longer have images of how the original tankoubon were typeset. And no one else but Miss Dream had scanned all of the colour pages from Sailor V, so there’s no longer a full set of Naoko’s Sailor V paintings available online :(

  2. SM_fan

    So happy I’ve downloaded them all! And many other people too.
    They have no power to stop us.

  3. Diagnosed

    I actually totally respect this. I’m glad they’re continuing to tolerate all the other resources that you guys have so painstakingly worked to preserve here, though!

  4. Momo

    I finally got back into Sailor Moon after how many years, and would like to read the untranslated version of the manga (I am fluent in Japanese so I prefer reading the Japanese version).

    As I learned, Kodansha/Naoko Takeuchi has not given permission for the series to be converted into an e-book format. The only option is to buy it – which doesn’t work for me because I move a lot and lugging books around is inconvenient. GRRRR and the frustration!


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