Le Mouvement Final Live Songs Up for Download!

Just a quick post to give you guys a real treat.

Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final, Autumn 2017

Even though Le Mouvement Final, and Sera Myu itself, are done, you can relive it.
We got the official ripped songs from the musical, thanks to Sailor Busters, and track listing translation by Katie, from ainomessage.tumblr.com. It contains 28 songs!


  1. Maiden’s Road
  2. Wandering Stars
  3. Sky of Jewels
  4. Legend of the Dictator
  6. Wandering Stars (Ballad Ver)
  7. Sailor Make Up!
  8. Crow and Siren
  9. Scent of War
  10. My Only Love
  11. Celestial Born
  12. Last Hope
  13. Galaxia’s Ambition
  14. We Know
  15. Determination
  16. My Guiding Light
  17. Feelings of Kakyuu
  18. The Guardian Who Lost Hope
  19. Time of Confrontation
  20. Chaos’ Theme
  21. Music of the Spheres
  22. We’ve Become One Again
  23. On the Scene!! Tuxedo Mask
  24. Loving Satellite
  25. Speed of Light
  26. When Destiny Calls
  27. Love’s Starshine
  28. Moonlight Legend

Removed, see here for details

We’re posting this to our Le Mouvement Final page, so you can go there and download from that page as well.

Enjoy the music!

P.S. We are currently looking for scans of the Sailor Moon Le Mouvement Final pamphlet. We’d like to translate it. Email us at [email protected] to donate!

7 Responses to “Le Mouvement Final Live Songs Up for Download!”

  1. Buranka

    Thank you so much for your amazing effort!!. Waiting for the whole musical. Thank you for sharing Sailor Moon!!

  2. Vanessa

    Hi! I recently just finished watching this musical and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! <333

    Thank you so much for all your hard work with this website for us Sailor Moon fans!

    I tried to download the link but it didn't seem to work. I was able to download it, but when I tried to open it up (after I saved it), it didn't work. I'm not sure if it's because I don't have a program that can be used to open it, but I tried setting the saved file as an iTunes, then MediaPlayer but I still couldn't open up the file. Is there a way you can fix that?

    Thank you so much!

  3. Megan

    I am also having issues with the link not opening. Is this something that will be resolved soon? If so, that’d be amazing. I just saw the musical in theaters in the US and am dying to listen more to the music.

  4. MarioKnight

    Hello everyone,

    After downloading the RAR file, the MP3s need to be extracted. This can be done with programs such as 7zip or WinRAR. Once extracted, the MP3s can be used in the audio program of your choosing.


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