20th Anniversary Book, RunRun, Sailor V, and Nakayoshi!

Hello Dreamers!

I survived my finals and managed to pass all my classes, so thank you for the good luck from all of you and the Miss Dream team! So I’m back at the helm of weekly posts!

This week we have the 20th Anniversary Book, Sailor V from a RunRun issue as well as the corresponding issue, and a Nakayoshi Deluxe issue!

The 20th Anniversary Book has images from the Exhibition in Roppongi Hills and a full run down of all the Sailor Moon merchandise ever released up to the point of the book being published. It also has interviews with the anime, manga, and musical cast and crew! It’s a really neat book!

This week’s downloads!

20th Anniversary Book
20th Anniversary Book
RunRun April 1992
RunRun April 1992
Codename Sailor V April 1992
Codename Sailor V
in RunRun April 1992
Nakayoshi Deluxe June 1985
Nakayoshi Deluxe
June 1985


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I hope you get something cool out of the 20th Anniversary Book you hadn’t seen or known before! I thought the map of Juuban was especially neat!

See you next time!

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