More Sailor Moon Crystal Merchandise Scans and SeraSymphony Kickstarter

Hello Dreamers!

Welcome to another week of scans and news! This week, we bring in more merchandise scans from Sailor Moon Crystal as well as some information about a SeraSymphony Kickstarter!

As per usual, let’s hit those scans up first!


This week’s Downloads

Sailor Moon x ISETAN 2016 Advertisements
Sailor Moon x ISETAN
2016 Advertisements
Sailor Moon Crystal x TSUTAYA Stationary
Sailor Moon Crystal x TSUTAYA
 Sailor Moon Crystal File FoldersSailor Moon Crystal File Folders

SeraSymphony Kickstarter

SeraSymphony has booted up a Kickstarter! For those that don’t know who this is, they are an orchestral band who provides live tributes to Sailor Moon. Previously, they performed at the Masquerade Ball that Miss Dream hosted as well. They are celebrating their 5th anniversary of it’s first tribute with a video series featuring the transformation and attack music for Sailor Moon herself, from both series.

They have 30 days to raise $2,200 and have small tiers you can promote at including one that will get you a digital copy of the album and one that will get you a physical copy of the album.

You can listen to samples of their music here, and check out more details on their Kickstarter such as what the funding goes towards and what songs will be on the new album, here!



I have to admit, I really like the TSUTAYA collaboration stationary myself. And I’m interested in SeraSymphony’s Kickstarter as well! But don’t forget about us!

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2 Responses to “More Sailor Moon Crystal Merchandise Scans and SeraSymphony Kickstarter”

  1. Azurite

    Thanks for the heads-up about Sera Symphony- it looks awesome! I’ll keep my eye on the Kickstarter and hopefully throw in a bit. I hope it gets fully funded!

    Minor nitpick: it’s stationEry, not stationAry.

    Crazy Q: why is your Cloudflare bill so high!? Is there a reason you guys didn’t want to get SSL using their free option, or get it through a reasonable registrar like Namecheap? Who’s your host that your monthly bill is so crazy?! I want to support you guys if I can, but I’d also want to make sure you’re not getting unfairly gouged just for being a successful site.

    • MarioKnight

      Cloudflare is only part of the equation in which we utilize their pro plan. They provide SSLs for all of their plans free of charge, and the sub-domains that don’t get passed through Cloudflare utilize the free Let’s Encrypt certificates (actually every certificate is provided by LE, sub-domains and the main domain passed through CF are in Full SSL Strict mode that show the CF certificate).

      Perhaps the use of the word hosting might be confusing in our case. Miss Dream outgrew standard hosting plans years ago in both CPU/memory resource utilization and hard drive space, even before our big boom of content provided. Therefore, we have a custom dedicated server with multiple hard drives and a gigabit connection directly available to the server. Not only do we not have to share any resources with any others because of this (though we do host some other sites who graciously donate monthly towards our server bill), but it enables us to do much more that we could on standard hosting. Our direct downloads take up over a terabyte in space combined, our galleries were made possible as was self-seeding our torrents, and we have a centralized place for file storage in collaboration for projects. Being on a custom dedicated server as we are also means we pay a flat rate for bandwidth, as opposed to cloud-based services such as AWS where the bandwidth costs alone would push us over our current bill.

      tl;dr: Miss Dream is extremely massive in size and resource utilization that’s just not possible to maintain on standard hosting plans.


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