Punch from Young You, German SonderHeft Volumes, and More!

Hello Dreamers!

Welcome back everyone! As we catch back up in our queue, we have a lot to add today!

Young You and Punch!

Starting things off, we have the June 2003 issue of Young You magazine. This issue contained a chapter of Naoko’s Punch series! Both the full magazine and individual chapter are available for gallery viewing and downloading.

Young You
June 2003 Issue

Punch chapter from
Young You June 2003

German SonderHeft Special Magazines

Next, we have a gracious scan donation from InsaneSarah! She has provided to us scans of German SonderHeft Special Magazines, for which we have made a new section for. All of her scans can be viewed in galleries as well as downloaded.

Sailor Moon SonderHeft 2

Sailor Moon SonderHeft 3

Sailor Moon SonderHeft 6

Sailor Moon SonderHeft 7

Sailor Moon SonderHeft 9

Sailor Moon SonderHeft 16

Sailor Moon SonderHeft 17

Special Raw Videos

We have two raw special videos as well. The first one comes from a special VHS of a 1998 SeraMyu event, where sassypants678 and I had come across this VHS in Japan last year, ready for posting. The next is a Making of PGSM special that Fred put together for posting here requested by Andre Luiz 007. Both are available as direct downloads and torrents below and on our Raw Sailor Moon Videos page.

Sailor Moon 1998 Summer Special Musical
Shin Densetsu Kourin
Public Exhbition Guide Event (VHS 58 min)
Direct Download | Torrent Download

The Making of
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
TV Special
Direct Download | Torrent Download

Special Picture Book

Lastly, we have another picture book, however instead of a story it is actually a game! The Sailor Moon S Magical Roulette Picture Book is now available for gallery viewing as well as downloading.

Sailor Moon S
Magical Roulette Picture Book


Our garage sale is still ongoing where we have buy one get two free on all magazines! We also have a penny sale for everything we have that has been taken apart (labeled as “unbound” throughout), just pay a penny and shipping! All doujinshi have been marked down to $5 each, and future additions from our doujinshi donor will reflect this as well. Check out the garage sale for some awesome content, some of which have yet to be posted on the site! They may sell faster than you think!

Let the professional translators at Fandom Services translate your, or your honey’s favorite doujinshi or your best bud’s super rare special episode! Check out Fandom Services on Facebook!

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We hope you enjoy this week’s additions and everything else on the site!

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