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eBook Overhaul Plus

Hey guys! Quick update is quick! Today we bring you the eBook Overhaul Plus, as well as the missing PGSM Kodansha TV Book Volume 4, and Volumes 3 and 4 From the German Sailor Moon Re-release by KAZE. eBooks With the exception of Big Boonuu and Little Boonuu, which is providing difficult due to it’s… Read more »

End of Summer, Start of a Season

Hey guys, I know if you’re where I am (the south) It’s still hot there. with the end of summer nearing, it’s cooling down, but not *quite* “cool” yet. Today we bring you a very rare work by Naoko Takeuchi, the Nakayoshi it is from, a rare magazine from the 1990s with a two page… Read more »

Ciao Phonebooks Plus

Hey everybody. Anna here. I am looking for image processors. If you have the time, and commitment, please contact me for more details on how to get involved. Ciao Magazine “Ciao” is a girl’s comics magazine monthly publication. This issue contains Nao Yazawa‘s Wedding Peach, Among others. Ciao October 1995 Ciao December 1995 Ciao January… Read more »

Petite Etrangere Event Videos!

Hey! Happy surprise update Everyone! Today we bring you two Petite Etrangere Event Videos! Sailor Moon the Musical -Petite Etrangere- Dress Rehearsal Direct Download Sailor Moon the Musical -Petite Etrangere- First Day Digest Direct Download Thank James For translating and encoding! Hope you all enjoy!