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Picture Books Galore

Hello Dreamers! I hope you’re excited for even MORE picture books! We have 4 new ones this week with plenty more working it’s way into the show. But don’t worry, we have more than just picture books to share over the following months. It should note that these books are good for low level Japanese… Read more »

Picture Books Are A Coming!

Hello Dreamers! This week we bring you two of the many picture books of Sailor Moon that we got from Japan. The first shows the introduction of Sailor Mercury, from the anime, and the other is a short adaptation of two Sera Myus! This week’s Downloads Sailor Moon Picture Book Volume 2 Musical Sailor Moon… Read more »

Anime Expo Sailor Moon News

Hello Dreamers! This week we are bringing you all the news and updates about Sailor Moon that was announced Anime Expo this past weekend! Links will be provided to the original tweets as well for you to view at the original source announcement. Also we have some amazing new content coming in store that I’ve seen… Read more »

Another Sailor Moon Musical FanKan Event!

Hello Dreamers! Welcome back to another week of something musical related! This week we bring you Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin Fan Appreciation Event! Back in the days of earlier musicals, Fan Appreciation Events (also known as FanKan) were held before a musical to give a chance to show songs, ask staff questions, sometimes hold contests, and… Read more »