Special Doujin by Naoko & Yoshihiro

Happy Monday Miss Dreamers! As we prep our next scanlation projects, we have some special plans in store. Today is a nifty offering, in the form of the 1998 Declaration of Rehabilitation by Naoko Takeuchi and Yoshihiro Togashi. This is a fun Q&A session by the couple, give everyone a fun look at their personal lives in the late 90s. Today’s raw offerings are more Nakayoshi magazines. June 1996 continues on with the Sailor Moon story, where as January 2001 helps fill the gaps of that particular year. Both issues are certainly packed with lots of fun! Next week will be a pretty nice curveball in postings, we’ll see you again then! Enjoy!

PQ Angels Scanlation Complete!

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! Today is a special day, as we complete our translation of one of Naoko Takeuchi’s stories only available from Nakayoshi magazine back issues, PQ Angels! =) The final chapter is now online and ready for reading! It feels good to finally have another story completed, and being one step closer to bringing all of her work into English. We also put online two more Nakayoshi magazines, the first one being May 1996, which features Act 51 of her most popular work, Sailor Moon. We also continue our 2001 issue postings, with September 2001. We didn’t actually skip any from the year, the next couple were already online, so this was next. What I didn’t expect is that unlike the other 2001 issues, this one does have a pretty rare find from Naoko, the prequel to Toki Meca! See what the story was before it truly began years later!

That’s all for this week. Next week will have a nifty surprise and we’ll keep on rolling out some Nakayoshi raws. See you then, and enjoy today’s offerings!

PQ Angels 3 Scanlation

Good Morning Miss Dreamers! Today, we continue another one of Naoko Takeuchi’s works in PQ Angels. Chapter 3 of our scanlation is now online! We’re making good progress through the story, just one chapter to go! Also this week, being the first Monday of the month, we’re posting last month’s Nakayoshi magazine. February 2013 is now online for your reading pleasure. Enjoy the current stories going in in Japan!

Than’s all for this week, come back next week for the conclusion of PQ Angels and even more raw offerings. Enjoy the new postings and see you then!

Cherry Project Scanlation Complete!

Happy Monday night Miss Dreamers! I apologize for the late post, it feels like everything that I touch today has been falling apart. @[email protected];; I’ve been able to get everything together for tonight’s update without too much trouble thankfully, so on with the post! With winter coming to an end, so does our translation of The Cherry Project. Volume 3 is online and ready for your reading pleasure!

Tonight’s Monday Night Raws (ironically actually being posted during Monday Night Raw =P ) brings us back to Nakayoshis which we left off with last night. For the Naoko Takeuchi contribution, we post up April 1996 which contains chapter 50 of Sailor Moon! Continuing in our journey of 2001, the June 2001 issue has also been posted online.

That’s all for this week. I’m pretty sure y’all can guess what raws will be added next week, the first Monday of the new month. There will be another scanlation posted as well. See you then, and enjoy this week’s offerings!

PGSM Bonus Mini-dramas and SMR Movie Pamphlet

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! Today is a bit of a unique update, as for the first time in a while, there will be no manga related content of any sort. Call it a holiday special for those of you (including me!) who have today off if you will. First up by request we have subtitled the two mini dramas that were on the PGSM Act Zero DVD. “Birth of Tuxedo mask” and “Hina… Afterwards” are now available for your viewing pleasure! You can download the set here, or via torrent here. A nifty little bonus for today was something I came across at Otakon this past summer and we finally are ready to post today. That is the Sailor Moon R: The Movie pamphlet, which was released as the movie was in theaters in Japan. It was a pleasant surprise when I saw this for sale, and I hope y’all enjoy it as well!

On the topic of surprises, one that surfaced out of nowhere earlier this year was the announcement of a Sailor Moon-centric convention to be held in New York City this summer. Senshi Matsuri will be happening on June 30th (Usagi’s birthday) and will be an all-day event with more details that can be seen on their website. With this happening fairly close to us, myself, Elly, James, and Izam will be making the trip down. Because the response has gone so well, we have been asked to run a panel! We hope that anyone who is able to attend does, and we would also like any suggestions of what kinds of things you would like to see us do as we plan out this panel. It’s shaping out to be a great convention and we’re looking forward to it!

That is all for this week. Next week we will have more scanlations and more raws for your enjoyment! Not sure exactly which ones for either category, however it appears I have a backlog now so at the very least I can promise something. Enjoy the rest of your week and see you again next Monday!