PGSM 35-37, Art Book Raws, and Prism Time volume 1

Hi everybody – welcome back to Miss Dream Monday!

We’ve got a lot in store for you all today, as we finally kick-off our accelerated posting schedule for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Here are the next three episodes, ready for your enjoyment:

Act 35: direct download | torrent
Act 36: direct download | torrent
Act 37: direct download | torrent

Next up, please enjoy some new additions to our raw downloads section:

1. Nakayoshi Anime Album Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Classic Volume 1
2. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Memorial Art Book

Last but certainly not least, also enjoy our long-awaited translation of the book Prism Time volume 1, by Sailor Moon series creator Naoko Takeuchi. Prism Time is a collection of short stories that were made long before Sailor Moon ever became a serialization, and was released in tankoubon format after Sailor Moon’s manga had ended. It is definitely worth checking out if you’re a hard core fan of shoujo manga!

One last note before we go. If you aren’t already a reader, consider checking out Lunacy Magazine! We contribute a regular feature in the magazine about the Japanese language found in Sailor Moon, but that’s only a small part of what’s in the e-zine. Lunacy Magazine is a great resource for Sailor Moon fans everywhere and is chocked full of awesome articles, highlights, trivia, games, and much more! Definitely give it a read if you can.

That’s it for today! Check back next week for more PGSM, the second half of the Prism Time series, and Nakayoshi magazine scans. :) See you then Moonies!

(PS: If you haven’t heard already, Kodansha Comics USA will be releasing a Sailor Moon art book some time next year. More details will be posted as we receive them.)

PGSM Act 33 + More!

Welcome back to Miss Dream Monday!

This week, please enjoy Act 33 of PGSM, right on schedule!

direct download | torrent

Also enjoy our latest raw downloads section: Mixxzine Magazines! We now house a complete collection of all the Mixxzine issues Sailor Moon appeared in. Download here:

Issue 1-1 | Issue 1-2 | Issue 1-3 | Issue 1-4 | Issue 1-5 | Issue 1-6 | Issue 2-1

Last but certainly not least, this advertisement appeared in the October 2012 issue of Nakayoshi magazine with news regarding the 20th anniversary new anime for Sailor Moon:

Many thanks to love_jthl for the original scan!
And sincere thanks to Yen-sama, who made this English version flyer possible!

Miss Dream Monday 9-24-12

Welcome back to Miss Dream Monday!

This week, please enjoy Act 32 of PGSM, right on schedule!

direct download | torrent

Enjoy our latest scanlation project: a full download of the book “Maria” by Naoko Takeuchi – in English!

Also check out this new doujinshi titled “Violet Rainbow Over the Moon” by Blue Lynx, done by request for silvermoon424 and brought to you as a joint project between Miss Dream and! This doujinshi features many adult themes and is rated 18+ Many thanks to Becka for cleaning and typesetting!

I am pleased to announce that as of this update, I have finished translating all of the works of Naoko Takeuchi except those only available via back issue of Nakayoshi magazine; so look forward to more books coming soon!

Speaking of back issues, please enjoy our latest raw addition: a full download of the August 1991 Issue of RunRun Magazine, featuring Chapter 3 of Codename: Sailor V! This issue is extremely rare due to the series popularity and the color artwork for Sailor V, only ever released in Nakayoshi back issues. Check it out!

That’s all for today. Check back next week for more goodies – and enjoy!

Miss Dream Mondays are Back!

Miss Dream Mondays are BACK!

For the foreseeable future, we are going to be doing all of our updates once a week on Mondays. So enjoy this next episode of PGSM, Act 31:

direct download | torrent

Also check out the September 2002 Issue of Nakayoshi magazine, featuring the rare one-shot story “Sister Witch” by Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi.

Today I am pleased to announce our latest staff member, Mary! Mary will be doing editing work for Miss Dream’s print releases in the future, so please welcome her aboard! :D

You’ll also notice some changes around our site! Our raws section now features galleries and new images are popping up all over the site, thanks to the lovely Rebecca of! Over the next couple of weeks Miss Dream will be undergoing a rather substantial design change, intended to make browsing through the site much more user friendly. I hope you’ll all enjoy it!

Last but certainly not least, today I am proud to announce that Miss Dream will be a regular contributor to Lunacy Magazine! If you haven’t checked out this fantastic fan-run Sailor Moon eMagazine yet – you should! It’s packed full of awesome Sailor Moon merchandise finds, fashion tips, articles, fanfiction, games and puzzles, and much more! It’s definitely one of the best fan works to come out in some time, and I’m pleased that Miss Dream can be a part it.

We’ll see you back here next Monday with more PGSM and more raws. Have a great week and enjoy!