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More Sailor Moon Musical News!

Hello Dreamers! This week’s update is brought to you by our patrons Dianne and Janelle! This week we bring some more musical information including new cast members and we’ll look at that! For the first time since 1993, Luna will reappear in a musical! Source In preparation for the opening of ticket sales for the… Read more »

Last of the Newtype 1993 Uploads + Artbook Update!

Hello, Dreamers! This week’s update finishes our 1993 Newtype magazine uploads. Also, an update on the long-awaited artbooks. This week’s Newtype 1993 issue uploads Newtype April 1993 Newtype August 1993 Newtype December 1993 Artbook Update! From the pamphlet of Le Mouvement Final–by the way, has started the performances last Friday–we got a new visual update about… Read more »