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Last of the Newtype 1993 Uploads + Artbook Update!

Hello, Dreamers! This week’s update finishes our 1993 Newtype magazine uploads. Also, an update on the long-awaited artbooks. This week’s Newtype 1993 issue uploads Newtype April 1993 Newtype August 1993 Newtype December 1993 Artbook Update! From the pamphlet of Le Mouvement Final–by the way, has started the performances last Friday–we got a new visual update about… Read more »

More Newtypes! SeraMyu CD Is Coming!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend of USA’s Labor Day, Australian Father’s Day, or just the first weekend of September, Dreamers! This week’s update continues our Newtype magazine uploads, that includes a full issue update of one that we had. Let’s check them out! This week’s Newtype issue uploads Newtype January 1993 Newtype February 1993 Newtype… Read more »

Sailor Moon Doujins + Classical CD Coming Out!

Hi again, Dreamers! This week’s update continues our doujin uploads from our generous donor, wolf1806! Also, for those wanting a piece of classical event, there’s a CD coming out, and we got the link for pre-ordering it! This week’s doujin uploads Hangyaku Doumei Hotaru-sama ga Miteru Last Summer Victory Would You Like Something For Dessert?… Read more »