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Another Fansubbed music and Newtype

Hello again, Dreamers! This week’s uploads has a fansubbed work from a cassette with Sailor Moon, donated by an anonymous person, as well as a scanned issue of Newtype from 1994! This week’s uploads Anime Cassette Collection Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Volume One Newtype September 1994 Sailor Moon Crystal English Dub Premiere, this Friday! Friday,… Read more »

Crystal’s Comparisons, Kids, & Young You!

Hey, Dreamers! In case you missed it, I finished comparisons for Sailor Moon Crystal’s 13th volume. Besides that, we added the first of many children’s picture books, and a Young You issue with more Baby Punch! This week’s uploads Sailor Moon Super S Picture Book Volume 1 Young You January 2000 Issue Young You Individual… Read more »