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Mermaid Panic, Week 3

Hey, Dreamers! Our weekly scanlations of Mermaid Panic continues with chapter 3! Also, take a look at the new affiliated site, Tuxedo Unmasked! This week’s uploads Mermaid Panic Chapter 3 Tuxedo Unmasked! We’d like for you guys to also check out our new affiliate, Tuxedo Unmasked, which is run by our new friend, Jason! It… Read more »

Happy New Year! First update of 2016!

Happy New Year, Dreamers! We kick off 2016 with the first week of Mermaid Panic scanlation releases, where we release one chapter per week! We also have another donated gift of a rare Spanish children’s book. Check them out! This week’s uploads Mundi Cromo Sailor Moon Nº2 1995 Mermaid Panic Chapter 1 AKB48 performs Moonlight… Read more »