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Nakayoshi 1989 Issues Keep On Coming!

Hello again, Dreamers! This week’s update continues our past Nakayoshi magazines from 1989, as well as a reminder of the release of the Sailor Moon musical fansub! This week’s Nakayoshi issue uploads Nakayoshi April 1989 Nakayoshi May 1989 Le Mouvement Final Fansub is Online! Last Saturday, we released the fansub of the final musical, Le… Read more »

Here Comes More Nakayoshi Magazine Issues!

Hey, Dreamers! This week’s update returns to uploading past Nakayoshi magazines, beginning with ones from 1988. Due to the huge amount of pages per issue, and my internet is not the best, I decided to upload two issues at a time. This week’s Nakayoshi issue uploads Nakayoshi March 1988 Nakayoshi July 1988 Closing We hope… Read more »