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Monday Night Raws – July 2nd!

Welcome back! For today’s Monday Night Raws, we have volumes 6 through 8 of the R season Animanga. We’re almost done with the R season already, whew! R Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Enjoy, and see you back Thursday for PGSM. Also check back Friday for our translation of the live stream of the… Read more »

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Event: Live Talk Show Stream on NicoNico Douga!

SPECIAL UPDATE! Next Friday, Niconico douga will be doing a live stream of a commemorative talk show to celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary. Guests will include Mitsuishi Kotono, Furuya Tooru, and Naoko Takeuchi’s personal handler from Kodansha, Fumio Osano! The event will be moderated by NHS (Japan Broadcasting)’s very own announcer, Yoshida Naoki. In preparation… Read more »

Miss Dream Monday Night Raws

Hello Miss Dreamers! In our update today, we’ve got the final volume of the Sailor Moon Classic Animanga, followed by the first two volumes of the Sailor Moon R animanga. Classic Volume 10 R Volume 1 Volume 2 Enjoy!