Topic: Site Updates

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 23

It’s Toku Thursday! Well, was until an hour ago. Oops. ^^;; We’re sorry for the delay, and are ready to start posting more acts again! Today, please enjoy Act 23 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: direct download | torrent Enjoy! EDIT BY ELLY: I am proud to announce our affiliation with the popular website, Sailor… Read more »

Updates Delay

Hi everyone, Unfortunately we will not be releasing an episode of PGSM tonight – we have a pile of bug fixes around the site that we need to correct. We have been receiving reports that our animanga releases have been missing some pages and we are investigating that, as well as fixing some karaoke track… Read more »

Monday Night Raws: Project Animanga!

Hello, Miss Dreamers! We’re kicking off a new project this week, and releasing the first three volumes of the Nakayoshi Animanga. These three books cover selected episodes out of the first 13 of the Sailor Moon Anime. This project should last us a few months, so you’ve got a lot to look forward to! Volume… Read more »