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PGSM Act 28 + DJ Moon 3

Happy Toku Thursday! Ready for your viewing pleasure is Act 28 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Things are heating up! direct download | torrent We’ve also finished work on DJ Moon 3, a joint project with Sailor Moon German who is releasing a German language version of PGSM. We did the translation for our joint… Read more »

Miss Dream Monday–August 13

Happy Miss Dream Monday! We’ve got the final three volumes of the Sailor Moon animanga, which covers the end of the SuperS arc of the anime. SuperS Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Unfortunately, Nakayoshi never released an animanga for the Stars season, so this is it for the animanga project. With this update, we… Read more »

MIss Dream Monday

Hey there all you Moon fans out there! We’re releasing the final volumes of the S animanga today! S Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 In addition to our Raw releases, Misty has finished the error guide for Volume 6 of the English manga release. Volume 6 error guide We’ll see you here again next… Read more »